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Accidents at work are one of those things in life that you can never have control upon. Regardless of all the precautionary adoptions, such events strike the destined without intimation or warning. HSE statistical reports speak of some 1.2 million people in the UK who suffer injuries due to accidents occurred in workplaces, annually. Consequences of such occurrences range from loss of wages to deterioration of health. Lamb Law is here to help come out of that post-accident financial limbo and mental trauma by claiming the rightful compensation from the offender. Please check out the different accident at work claims that can be made if you are injured.

Types of Injury at Work Claims

Accidents at work are typically those unexpected calamities that are met by employees during their duty hours. Such an accident can take place on the road, inside the office premise, in the factory grounds and anywhere else that makes the working ground. Some commonly reported accident cases to occur at work sites are:


Slip or Trip Work Accident

Slip or Trip Work AccidentHave you had a slip trip or fall in a workplace? If you have suffered a injury because of your accident you may be able to claim compensation.Slip or Trip Work Accident

Factory Accident Claims

Factory Accident ClaimsHave you been injured in a factory accident? Slip trip, Machinery, Forklift truck, What ever way your accident occured see if you can claim.Slip or Trip Work Accident

Construction Accidents

Construction AccidentsInjured on a construction site? Very serious injuries often happen on construction sites, find out if you can claim compensation.Slip or Trip Work Accident

Office Accidents

Office AccidentsMany people have had a accident whilst in a office. A office can be full of hazards, find out if you can make a No Win No Fee claim nowSlip or Trip Work Accident

Industrial Disease

Industrial DiseaseIndustrial diseases is a injury or a sicknesses from exposure to an occupational hazard in the workplace. Start your claim here.Slip or Trip Work Accident

Military & Army Claims

Military & Army ClaimsSuffering an injury on or off duty can be a distressing experience. Serious injuries are common, Find out how much compensation you can claim.Slip or Trip Work Accident

Your rights to A Reparation

Your right to deserved compensation comes with the injuries and damages sustained, having met an accident at work. You are entitled to a disbursement if it is proven in the court that you have been victimized by the negligence or breach of duty of care of your employer. This is where we come in to give you what is rightfully yours.

Lamb Law offers legal claim services through a squad of experienced specialists. We make sure that your rights are protected by ensuring a successful claim recovery. Our solicitors are well-qualified experts who are fully informed about the HSE codes and standard practices that employers need to follow. The lawyers working with us have a high success record and the repute of earning 100% or maximum compensation possible.

Why Claim Through our Accident at work Specialists?

There are several ways in which we are ahead of our market competitors. Claiming through us can help you skip the bitter experience of court and trial altogether. Here is what we offer that make us better than the rest:

  • No-obligatory legal advice
  • Solicitors with over 15 years of experience
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  • Assistance for all kinds of work accidents
  • Multiple claim services
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Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents in the workplace can occur whether or not adequate safety measures are in place. Some typical examples of work-related accidents include:

  • Slips and trips due to wet floors, exposed cables and inadequate signage.
  • FLT (Fork Lift Truck) accidents, caused by poor training, unsafe stacking methods or inadequate supervision.
  • Manual handling and repetitive strain injury due to inappropriate training, or safety precautions.
  • Road traffic accidents involving delivery, freight or transportation vehicles.
  • Falls caused by unsafe scaffolding or ladders.
  • Exposure to hazardous substances or radioactive material.
  • Faulty equipment or insufficient training.

Our trusted solicitors could help you get compensation for a work injury, regardless of your trade. If you have endured injury as a result of a slip, trip, or fall; an accident involving machinery, or exposure to a hazardous substance – we can help. Work accident claims cover a broad range of causations and injuries, and our award-winning personal injury solicitors are experts in seeking justice for clients from all walks of life. If you are unsure whether your injury warrants a claim for compensation, speak to us in confidence today.

Other Types of Accidents In Work
Forklift Truck Accident Claims
Heavy lifting accident claim
Electric shock claims
Burns injury claim
Faulty equipment
Ladder accident claim
Injury Because of Other Employees
Injured After The Wrong Training At Work
Building site
Warehouse accident

If you have suffered injury as a result of an accident at work, speak to one of our specialists about making an online claim today. Claiming is simple. Call us on the free phone number above for immediate advice, or fill out the short online form with just a brief details. A member of our Law team will call you at a time to suit.