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2008 Accident at Work Victim Receives Six-figure Compensation Payout

A man who was crushed by a truck at his workplace back in 2008 received six-figure compensation payout recently. He has received a comprehensive package for the physical injuries and emotional pain that he has been suffering from all these years as a bleak consequence of the accident at work he met. The exact sum of compensation payout is undeclared yet. But as per the latest accident at workreports, he has received a whopping 6-figure amount in compensation for all his losses and sufferings. The loss of earnings of the truck accident victim, namely Paul Gelder, has been taken into account.

Mr. Paul Gelder was an employee of UPS UK Ltd at the time when the accident occurred. It was 13th November, 2008. Mr. Gelder was working as usual at the company’s plant when he was suddenly hit by a reversing truck and sandwiched between the wall and the truck which was being driven by a negligent driver. The victim, 54 now, is suffering from permanent aches on his hips, back and legs since the accident. He has been completely incapacitated. Doctors had to fit a steal bar at the back of Mr. Gelder to support and hold his pelvic bones. As a result, the victim now cannot lift heavy items.

Mr. Gelder, the claimant, is now relieved a lot to get the compensation for the work accident he met. He has thanked his accident at work claims solicitor. The past three years have been a full nightmare for him and he is happy to get out of it. However, that he will not be able to live a life like a normal person is a sorrowful fact for him and the compensation payout is nothing but a consolation for the injured, mentally distressed, alienated and jobless middle-aged man. Any spokesperson from Mr. Gelder’s company, UPS UK Ltd, was unavailable for comments. The company was amerced £25,000 as the authority admitted that they breached health and safety regulations in 2010.

Violation of the Health and Safety at Work etc Regulations is not anything new in the UK. There are many employers who least care about the rules and push their employees amidst dangers. Workplaces safety measures are not taken in the expected manner. Often the employees are not trained on how to handle light and heavy vehicles. As a result, office accidents occur after regular intervals. It is a major concern of the Health and Safety Executive.

As in Mr. Gelder’s case, the driver who was driving the truck was so negligent that he did not notice the person behind the truck. This is a sheer case of negligence which attracts penalties in form of compensation payout for the victims. Specialized and experienced accident at work compensation claim solicitors understand these issues and they always try to find out the causal factors behind workplace accidents. As per their findings, many of the workplace accidents occur due to negligence of the employer or any other coworker. If you have been injured in a similar work ca accident, you should contact such a solicitor and file a lawsuit.

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