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51 Year Old Essex Electrician Receives Hefty Compensation from a Bank

A 51 year old man has received a handsome compensation from a premier high street bank after undergoing an accident at work. The man from Romford, Essex was working as an electrician under the bank. He was trying to control a flood in the chiller plant room of the concerned bank when the mishap took place. The electrician fractured his wrist when a water pipe burst during the accident at workflood control process. The team of electrician working under the bank was ordered to mend the water pipe urgently, and while endeavoring to sweep away the gushing water, the victim tripped on an inundated metal plate on the floor and broke his wrist. No risk assessment was done on behalf of the bank to make sure that the employees are working safely. The victim had to take 10 weeks off from work due to the injury.

The case was presented in the court following the mishap. The no win no fee solicitors representing the victim presented proper documentation proving the negligence of the bank in ensuring a risk-free work environment. The judge, after assessing the case details, ordered the high street bank to pay work accident compensation. The fractured wrist of the victim was put in plaster and he had to undergo regular physiotherapy during the period of rehabilitation. He has finally returned to work but the accident left him with a reduced movement of his hand. While offering his verdict on the case, the judge said that such work place accidents can be easily avoided if the employers are careful enough and take initiative to ensure a risk-free work platform.

In spite of strict health and safety rules and regulations, this type of workplace accident is banal in the commercial centers of the United Kingdom. They occur mostly due to the employer’s lack of responsibility and care in ensuring a safe and secure worksite. Strict laws should be introduced in the UK to compel the business companies take necessary measures in safeguarding their employees from unfortunate events in the workplaces. There are many instances where the accidents take place due to the lack of safety training. Work accidents also occur because the workers are not provided with proper protective garments to cover their head and other body parts to avoid their contact with the machines. Those who have suffered from a work accident due to no fault on their part can file work accident claims. The amount of compensation often depends on the intensity of the injury suffered. Those undergoing more severe injuries are likely to receive more amount of compensation to cover their losses. The victims getting injured due to slip and trips, spillages and lack of inadequate footwear mostly file compensation claims against their employers.

Risk assessment is important to stay away from these accidents. The companies should employ supervisors who would access the risks of a worksite, inspect the machines and tools on a regular basis and inform the management if there are possibilities of accidents to occur. Conducting a risk assessment before undertaking a work process can help you bring a situation under control before it gets worse.

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