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A Brief Discourse on the Claimable Types of Work Accidents

Accident at work could cause irreparable injuries and financial losses to the victims. The UK government and its councils have entitled the workplace accident sufferers with claims and on the other hand the work accident solicitor works to secure the compensatory rewards for the endless victims. However, the lawyers can only provide you their services if you have been the victim of a no-fault accident. The employer is expected to provide safety and security to the employees and if he fails to do so, then they should give away payouts so that the victimized employees can recover their losses. However, all the cases are not claimable, so the lawyers provide their services catering to the below mentioned types of accidents at work.

  • Spillage of liquids on the work floors can lead to slip and trip accidents. Though, it is one of the most minor types of workplace accidents, yet it may cause terrible effect to the victims. Majorly, whiplashes, broken limbs or neck and back strains take place as the result of such accidents.
  • Haphazardly placed wires on the floors may cause tripping accident where the employee might hurt his head or other body parts. Or else it can also give electric shocks to the employee.
  • Broken tiles on the stairs may lead to minor cuts and wounds.
  • Machine failure can cause injuries like amputation and make the worker unable to perform his daily chores for life long. Such loss of earning might leave him in financial crisis. Hence, a claim might help him to recover all his damages endured as the result of the work accident.
  • A sudden fire at the work place can lead to burn injuries. The pains and sufferings can be life-changing and leave the victims in pain for long time. The accident at work lawyers work hard to provide payouts for the non-financial losses as well.
  • Using high-end technology machines may cause White Finger Vibrations, later developing neurological problems within the workers.
  • On failure of maintaining the forklift well, it might cause severe injuries to the workers. The attachment might loosen to fall apart and lead to injuries such as, amputation, head injuries so on and so forth.

Before accident at work claims one should be aware that the injury has caused within the tenure of three years. Or else the case might be cancelled by the court. It might be difficult at times to find the actual person on whom the blame should be levied. Say for an example, the sweeper is supposed to keep the work floor clean and if someone falls because of spillage of liquids, then it is due to poor house-keeping. But then, indirectly the employer can be blamed for the cause as well. It is his duty to look whether the given work is executed well and if he fails to do so then he is definitely supposed to provide compensation to the victimized employees.

However, all these confusions can be solved on consulting a work accident solicitor. You may browse through their website to know more about them.

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