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A Chalk Talk on Banal Accidents in Offices and Seeking Redressal for Them

Records of accidents occurring in workplaces of the United Kingdom have put the authorities in a state of alarm. Such mishaps have cost victims lives, bodily functions, career, quality of life, relationships and much more. It is obvious that repercussions of such accidents affect every aspect of life. An employee who has accidentally tripped off the stairs and broken a bone not only needs medical attention, but also requires to be absent from work till the doctor declares them fit for work. Thus, the aftermaths of an office accident, or any other mishap are both psychological and physical.

Some Cases from the Books of Record

Newly recruited members of the staff will find this concept alienesque because the fully equipped and polished infrastructure of office somehow makes the idea of accidents unbelievable. You’re completely wrong is you doubt the possibility of a mishap on the laminated floor or the perfectly structured stairs of your office premise. Here are some glaring instances of office accidents that are rife in the UK and other parts of the world:

  • Slip, trip and fall accidents on freshly swept, slippery floors
  • Elevator accidents due to malfunctioning of mechanism
  • Trip over obstacles lying around the common area
  • Stumble over protruding cables from ducts around the floor skirting
  • Electrocution from malfunctioning appliances
  • Runny stomach or digestive disorder due to impure supply of water or food from the office pantry
  • Over-exhaustion leading to mental depression and anxiety caused by excessive work pressure
  • Workplace bully causing harassment and alienation

Employer’s Duty

Though seeking compensation legally is a solution to the accidents in offices, the criteria of claim making is pretty confusing, that discourages the action by a considerable measure. However, if you keep yourself informed about the liabilities of an employer, then the decision-making might get straight and simple. Here are what every company owner is responsible for, when it comes to the personnel serving them:

  • To furnish the employees with knowledge and tools to complete their task
  • To run a risk assessment in the workplace and take necessary measures at regular intervals
  • To offer a risk-free, safe and nonbiased work environment
  • To keep the exit and entryways free from obstructions at any time of the day
  • To keep walkways clutter free
  • To barricade the construction and cleaning spaces to avoid accidents
  • To have a proper and architect-approved plan of construction that will ease free movement

Compensable Damages and Injuries

Lawyers can fetch the victims a compensatory figure for all kinds of injuries and damages suffered in the accidents at work. Hairline fractures, broken bones, dislocated jaws, head injuries, major muscle sprain, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, etc. are some of the physical impairments that are legally compensable. Aside, psychological and mental damages are also covered under punitive damages. Abstract damages such as financial loss, career detriment, truncated quality of life or relationships, etc., can also be charged for. Consult a personal injury solicitor to know your chances and how much you can win from such a case.

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