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A Complete Knowhow of Accident at Work and the Subsequent Actions

Workplace accidents have claimed the lives of thousands within the commercial premises and sites of the UK. While the figure, during the last few years, is on a mad dash upward, the Employment Agency Standards inspectorates are full-time occupied in probing into the safety standards and arrangements of the business organizations operating within the kingdom to root the causing factors. While the number of casualties in accident at work during the last two years is at 1,15,000 as far as RIDDOR record is concerned, the number of fatalities is on an upward movement from 175 workers.  Judging by the outrageous key figures, it is quite easy to easy to deduce that the rate of accident at workinjured people at work is by far greater than the redundant ones, which was so far considered as a bigger and more urgent problem.

Work Rights

As an employee working under the payroll of an organization, you are entitled to certain benefits and privileges that are allotted on humanitarian grounds. For instance, the safety of an employee is the responsibility of the employer while they are at work. Thus, like every worker has pay rights, the right to remain safeguarded from work-related risks is also one of your major rights. The rights are even broader in cases of blue-collar workers whose job profiles include manual works that carry greater risks than the static desk jobs. So, as a worker, your entitlements in terms of safety are:

  • The Health and Safety Executive of the UK instructs the employers dealing with manual handlers to restrict hauling and heaving jobs to short distances.
  • Extensively strenuous tasks of pulling and pushing are for machines and not human employees.
  • For load movement under unstable circumstances, forklift and weight carrying devices should be used instead of employing human labors.
  • The workers should be allowed sufficient periods to rest in between works.
  • Those traversing a lot for work reasons should be allowed to drive through a one-way route that receives lesser traffic to minimize the chances of encountering an accident at work.
  • For those working with electricity, safety cut out gears and suits are to be provided to evade risks.
  • Workers should not be made to work in exigent  work  climates where hazards are high on scale and are not fully controllable.
  • Premise floors should be kept free from ice, obstacles and other liquids that can trigger slipping and tripping accidents.

Reporting an Accident

Most victims make the mistake of taking it for granted that the contact person will be notified about accidents through a viral communicative process. You need to lodge the accident case in the record book through the authorized person to make a future claim possible. There are multiple bodies that maintain records of the accident at work cases. If your employer is operative in the given categories, then you can contact the Health and Safety Executive:

  • Agricultureaccident at work
  • Medical center
  • Nursing home
  • Automobiles repair
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Chemical plant

RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) instructs all work accident cases to be reported first to the responsible person who is in charge of the work premise and then to the HSE. The reports should include all kinds of cases that even include near misses and occupational diseases.

An accident can be reported by filling out appropriate forms through the HSE website. The forms are directly appended to the database maintained by the association for immediate entry. A copy of the record will be generated automatically for the filer to keep. As a second option, tele-reporting can also be done. Though stress is laid on online reporting, you can also avail the telephone services in case of fatal accidents. The phone line remains open on weekdays from 8:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Since the organization does not offer emergency services, out of the hours reporting is to be done online or by buzzing at the emergency line of the duty officer.

Safety for Young Workers

News of young workers suffering premature death or impairment of sense organs have frequented over the years since young people have started joining the workforce at an early age, to make both ends meet. Since these people are completely freshmen and women from colleges, they lack the experience of working in hazardous environments. Thus, they should be equipped with greater safety gears and given better coverage. The HSE is particularly alert about the safety of the inexperienced people at work. Hence, they have laid out some risk assessment criteria that are particularly applicable to the young workers.

  • Proper fitting and laying out of the work site where the young recruits will work.
  • Training is to be given on the kind of equipments to be used and their functions.
  • Workers should be fully informed about the risks involved in the concerned processes, equipments and tasks.
  • Training on health and safety should be given to each worker to deter incalculable situations from arising.

According to the legislation, the young men and women at work should receive safety coverage from  specific factors that are considered substantially harmful to their health. They are:

  • Work speed
  • Radiation
  • Physical stress
  • Mental pressure
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vibration and noise
  • accident at work claimHarming substances
  • Inexperience and lack of formal training

From the above discussion, you can draw a clear-cut idea about your reserved rights by the governing body as an employee of the organization. Any violation of the given norms will enable the sufferer to seek legal help. Legal action can be taken against an employer who is negligent or irresponsible about maintaining the required safety standard for their employees. Risk assessment is compulsory to carry out before recruiting employees for a particular job in a site. Hire a lawyer and raise a accident at work claim if you have been badly or moderately injured in inadvertent accidents at work. You are entitled to certain rewards and benefits for undergoing physical pain and suffering due to no fault of your own. Work accident lawsuits in the UK win generous compensation every year.

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