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A Detailed Discussion on Accident at the UK Construction Site

construction accident claimIn spite of all precautionary measures taken by the industry owners and factory entrepreneurs, accidents at work are rising in the United Kingdom. The government of the nation is still trying hard to design more and more laws and implement them to bring the number of work accidents in control. The government is trying to create awareness among the workers so that they remain careful while working. The entrepreneurs are being instructed to launch new training programs to teach their workers the tricks to prevent accidents at work.

The construction industry is one of the most prominent industries that witness a huge number of work accidents. The accidents at construction sites cause serious damages to the workers and at times even become responsible for the workers’ death. However, the government invests the victim of a construction accident with the power to file a case against the employer following the mishap. The victimized worker wins a high amount of compensation if he or the solicitor representing him in the court can establish that the carelessness of the employer is the reason behind the accident. The amount of compensation is mostly determined on the basis of how intense the injury is.

Some of the common construction accidents noticed in the United Kingdom are as follows:

  • Building Collapse: Building collapse is one of the common causes behind injuries in the construction sites of the United Kingdom. In most cases, building collapses results in a huge number of deaths. In order to minimize this type of accidents, the buildings should be made properly following the building codes.
  • Falls From Height: Falls from height account for thousands of workplace injuries in the UK. These work accidents also often result in fatalities. Unsafe conditions like unguarded edges, floor holes, improper use of ladders and faulty scaffold construction. The workers need to inform about the unsafe conditions at a construction site, while the supervisors should take the initiative to eliminate the causes triggering workplace hazards. The falls from height at the UK construction sites can be prevented by implemented appropriate safety regulations.
  • Faulty Stairs:  Faulty stairs at the construction sites is one of the most prominent reasons behind work accidents. Collapsing stairways in construction site have happened to be the reason behind many accidents. Again, many construction accidents in the United Kingdom involved unprotected stairway openings.
  • Forklift Accidents: Forklifts are one of the most common vehicles that are used for lifting and shifting heavy loads in the UK construction sites. Forklift accidents are not uncommon in the UK. Forklift overturns, dropped materials from forklifts, falls from forklifts often cause work accidents. These accidents can affect spinal cord and brain and cause fractures. Improper maintenance of the forklifts and lack of training of the forklift operators can be the reasons behind forklift accidents at work.

The victims of all these construction accidents can go to accident at work solicitors and file a case claiming compensation for the loss they have suffered due to the incidents.

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