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A Detailing of the Causes and Disastrous Effects of the Office Accidents

Statistical reports reveal that about hundreds of workplace accidents take place regularly in UK, and a number of these are liable to get the victims compensated by the employers. The rise in practice of filing an accident at work claim is noticeable. The number might appear surprising for the ones who have been privileged as well as fortunate enough to have experienced a safe workplace and a hassle- free way of working. However, it is a fact that the workers, especially the ones who are made to do their job in the industrial and construction sites are under the constant risk of falling victim to some extremely unfavourable circumstance. Interestingly enough, accidents at work can well take place in the enclosed offices where the employees are not even required to handle machineries. This point, rather truth, must appear accident at workalarming enough to those who might be taking pleasure in the thought that they are not required to work under potential risk of hazards just because their workplace is probably a spacious room in some huge building. Here is a brief review of the details of the office accidents, the way they transpire along with the means by which a victim can find relief.

Find out How Accidents Can Come about in an Apparently Safe Office

Workplace accidents are actually of varying types and they usually come about as a consequence of numbers of reason, though the most common among them happens to be the presence of faulty machines and equipments. Nevertheless, a person sitting in a corporate office, which seemingly offers all the possible comfort to the staffs, and undertaking a desk job is hardly required to involve in physically damaging or injuring tasks. Yet accidents do take place and accompany equally terrible consequences for an individual. Following is a list of some of the reasons prompting office accidents:

Sitting in front of computers for long hours daily causes excessive strain often leading to minor pain or stiffness in the shoulders and back. Now, if the very sitting arrangement itself is a faulty one, it is bound to exercise deeper impacts on the person. Although the accidents at work do not come in the form of a crash, it is no less than the latter in terms of intensity. The victim incurs whiplash injuries, which have a typical tendency of showing their effects after a considerable amount of time and at a point when the problem has perhaps, already reached at serious stage.

An obvious and common way of getting injured while being in an office is by slipping or falling on the floor. The presence of some walkway obstacles as a mere result of the negligence or fault of the employers or the authorities in an organization can lead to someone breaking his bones and encountering troubles that might even go to the extent of a lifelong disability. A similarly intense problem can arise in case a person gets an electric shock, which again comes across as the consequence of the unorganized and therefore, hazardous electric wires. Although heavy machines apart from the computers and printers have got little to do with in the offices, a presence of few of them and that too, in a deteriorating condition can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. A leak in an old gas boiler is enough to injure large numbers of employees in an organization.

Knowing about the Duties and Responsibilities of the Employersaccident at work claim

The above- mentioned instances sufficiently point out to the fact that the slightest instances of carelessness can trigger extremely unfortunate situations and they arrive without a warning. Therefore, the only possible way of preventing them is by adopting measures that does not create the ground for the occurrence of these incidents. It is basically and always the duty of the employer or whoever is in charge to ensure that all the staffs and employees get the chance to work in a safe and secure environment. Employers must remember in this respect that their responsibility does not end up with paying the workers their due in terms of money but also looking after their well- being for as long as they are present in the organization. Following is an overview of what the employers must do:

  • Undertake a proper maintenance of the office premise including the ceilings and floors. The deteriorating structures should be immediately replaced by newly- built and strong structures.
  • Ensure a proper casing of the electric wires to prevent the cables from protruding out and thereby, posing risk of electric shock.
  • All of the worn out machineries and gadgets must be disposed of immediately and new ones brought in their place.
  • Even the cars that are used to pick and drop the employees working in night shifts must be well- maintained. The drivers should also be trained and careful while transporting the staffs from their workplace to home.

Filing the Accident At Work Claims

accident at workComing to the question of claiming compensation for the accidents at work, the entire process is required to be undertaken with the assistance of the work accident solicitor. As a claimant, you will be asked to prove your innocence in the matter, on the basis of which the credibility of accident at work claim will be judged. By winning a claim, you will be able to get a fair amount of compensation that will definitely serve to reduce the intensity of your financial losses if not the overall suffering.

People have several misconceptions when it comes to making the work accident claims. However, those who have been maintaining silence in fear of losing the job must know that the work accident compensation comes from the insurance provider of your employer and not directly from him. Moreover, legal regulations are there whether it concerns the duty of the employer or the rights of the employee. Thus, one should always be free of wrong ideas and inhibitions and instead, enlist the support of a legal service- providing agency to gain the required confidence.

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