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A Guide To Control Skyrocketing Work Accidents in The UK

A significant number of people in the UK’s commercial centers sustain workplace accidents every year. As per the Health and Safety Executive Statistics, about 1.2 million workers suffered from industrial illnesses in 2010-2011, while 175 workers underwent fatal injuries during the same time period. RIDDOR reported about the loss of 26.4 million working days due to workplace accidents. Work accidents and work-related illnesses together cost the government £14 billion approximately. To bring down the accident at work accident at workrates, the UK government has made it mandatory to report the work-related accidents and illness at work to the Health and Safety Executive. The details of the work accidents in the UK enable the HSE and the local counsils to identify the risk-prone worksites and to enquire about the serious accidents.

There are many ways that can prove to be effective in pulling down the work accident rates. Both the employers and the employees should act responsibly to prevent accidents at work. It is incumbent on the employers to ensure that the workplace is safe, secure and risk-free. The Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 (HSWA) explains the rights and duties of the employers as well as workers when it comes to safety and security in the worksite.  The act emphasizes that not only the employers but also the workers should take proper care of their health and safety while at work.

The business owners have the duty of care towards their workers. They are bound by law to make their worksites safe. Each business should have sufficient first aid facilities to offer basic treatments to the victims of workplace personal injuries. The employers must also introduce emergency plans to handle emergency situations after a worksite mishap. The workers should be provided with protective apparels like head gears that would save their bodies during accidents. A supervisor should be recruited to carry out regular inspection of the machines.

Now, the question is: who should you blame if the work accident is not the result of your fault? If a work accident has occurred due to no fault on your part, if you have taken reasonable care but failed to prevent the mishap, you have ever7y right to accuse your employer for the occurrence. You should include the occurrence in the accident record book of your company immediately after the mishap. If you are not in a position to record the incident, you can ask your co-workers to inform your employer about it.

It is imperative to visit a doctor and treat your injuries. Do not forget to preserve the medical documents like the doctor’s prescription, the hospital’s release letter, if any. These medical documents would serve as the strong evidences substantiating the dangerous incident.

Whether you want to go for an out-of-the-court settlement or prefer court proceedings, get in touch with a professional lawyer to look after your case. The lawyer would provide you with proper suggestions regarding how to proceed with work accident compensation claims and receive maximum compensation. If your lawyer advises you to go for court proceedings, try to get the witness’s opinion to strengthen your claims.

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