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A Guilty was Penalized £ 40,000 in an Accident at Work Case

A young dad named Robbie Murray of 22years old, who was a road worker, was injured badly in a dangerous accident at work. He is having spinal injury due to which he can not work for at least ten years. He was first admitted at Dumfries Infirmary and later at Glasgow Royal where he was under medication foe back and pelvic injuries. The doctors detected multiple injuries in Mr. Murray as a result of the accident. The injury is such that he couldn’t even lift his three years old daughter, Summer for more than two years.  He was severely hurt in a crash on the C2 road, near Netherird Farm, between Rhonehouse and Kirkcudbright, where he was immobilized between a tar accident at work claimspreader and tipper lorry. This incident left him unnerved and to add more in his sufferings, doctors have said that he might get hold of arthritis in future and hence would be able to work for more 10 to 15 years.

After considering the existing and future health issues Mr. Murray decided to ask accident at work claim from the authority of the Netherird Farm. He filed the case in the court when the Health and Safety Executive agency supported the case and proved all the evidences right during the verification from the court. The man made a right move by depicting the accident to the reporting agencies as this has helped h9im to win a successful claim from the litigant. The reporting agencies were cooperative enough and showed all the information that was delivered by Mr. Murray whilst reporting the accident. Whilst being dragged to the court the accused authority accepted their guilt of not maintaining Safety at Work during resurfacing in April, 2010. They were penalized £ 40,000 as compensation to make up at least half of the losses of the victim.

Mr. Murray was overwhelmed and welcomed the decision of the court, speaking at home in Hulford, the UK. He felt glad that the guilty finally got apt punishment for their negligence after two-and-half years. All though legal action against the litigant still he is waiting for someone who can give him a second chance to work. This quench for an active life shows the terrible outcome of accident at work. He is suffering from sympathetic mental trauma of carrying the fear of being unemployed after a certain period of time as told by the doctors. Although the accused council has begged pardon for the driver accident and admitted that there wasn’t enough safety standards for the drivers of sub-contracted vehicles, Mr. Murray is not at all convinced with their statement. He is continuously into a revengeful state of mind, he adds more, when he said that he won’t leave the guilty so easily and he will make sure that the guilty pay until he is satisfied. He has made it sure that this won’t repeat with anyone else.

The confrontation of the accused authority is more than enough to prove that they are guilty but anyhow this wouldn’t make up for the physical and mental loss that the accident victim had to go through.

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