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A Portrayal of How Work Accidents Giving Rise to Work Accident Compensation Claims in the UK

workplace accident claimsThe construction workers in the United Kingdom often have to work in risky work environments. The employers, thus, need to ensure that their workers are properly trained to take care of themselves at work to stay away from workplace mishaps. They need to conduct proper risk assessments to check if the workplaces are safe for working. If they find that the workplaces have the potential to cause injury to the work, they need to take initiatives to prevent any such occurrences. If a worker undergoes an injury due to the employer’s inability to provide a risk-free workplace, the employee acquires the right to sue the employer and file work accident compensation claims.

The consequences of the work accidents happening in the UK workplaces are often serious. The accidents can range from slip, trip or fall claims to fall from height claims. Injuries caused by electrocution and operation of faulty equipment are also common. Manual handling work accidents are not common in the UK workstations. In all these instances, you can file claims for compensation and your claims will be validated if you can prove that the injury cause d to you has been the result of your employer or somebody else’s carelessness and you are in no way responsible for the unfortunate incident. You should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury solicitor before submitting your claims in the court of law.

Seeking legal help is important because the chosen legal expert will be able to analyze your case in the appropriate manner. Since the solicitor has an in-depth knowledge of how accident at work cases are dealt with in the united kingdom, he will be able to show you the right way to file successful claims and win the case within a short period of time. He can compare your case with the similar cases handled before and give you a rough estimate of the compensation that you can expect after a win. Legal assistance from a highly-qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor can augment the chances of winning the case.

The personal injury solicitor would first send a letter of claim to the accused person and explain him your intention to file a claim. If the person is ready to settle the case out of the court, no claims would be filed in the court. However, if he denies his responsibility, a case will be filed.

The court, while determining the liability of the accused party in the accident, takes a number of factors into account. They are:

  • Nature of the accident
  • The loss suffered
  • The seriousness of the injury cause d by the incident
  • Situation at which the accident occurred

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has specified a number of strict rules regarding the safety measures to be undertaken in the workplaces, depending on the nature of the work done. The jurists will try to find out if the lack of infrastructure is responsible for the suffering of the accident at work victim. If the jurists find that lack of safety measures has contributed to the accident at work, the victim will have to pay the compensation.

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