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A Short Note on the Accidents at Work in the UK

"accident at work in UK"Statistics offered by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) how common the work accidents are in the United Kingdom. As per the statistical figures, more than 1 million workers are affected by work accidents in the UK workplaces. Not only have the work accidents, industrial illness also affected thousands of the British workers every year. In legal dictionary, such mishaps come under the Law of Tort. No matter whether the injury in minor or life-threatening, the affected worker can claim compensation from the employer if the injury has compelled him to take leave for seven consecutive days. For claiming compensation, the victimized worker needs to go through a systematic process. He should seek assistance from an injury claim lawyer and file the claim in the desired way.

An accident at work can lead to dangerous consequences. It can cause physical as well as psychological harm. In order to prevent work accidents and file injury claims, you should seek the assistance of a professional injury claim lawyer.

The employers need to take measures to ensure health and safety at work. It is a legal obligation of the employer to implement safety programs so that the workers remain safe and sound at work. Let us discuss about the prime causes of accidents at work in the UK commercial center. The chief contributing factors in an accident at work have been enumerated below:

  • Work-related Stress: Excessive pressure at work can cause mental pressure to the workers. The employers do not have the right to put excessive work pressure on the employees. If an employer is unable to keep the work pressures in check, he may be sued and a compensation claim can be filed against the employer.
  • Slip and Trip Accidents at Work: Slips and Trips are the reasons behind many accidents at work in the United Kingdom. These work accidents can be easily prevented if proper precautionary measures are undertaken. While executing the risk assessment programs, the supervisors in charge of the job need to eliminate the possibility of slipping and tripping hazards. He should make sure that the entire work premise is safe and there is no risk of leakage from the roofs, oil pipes and plumbing system. The employer can arrange for an anti-slip mat or anti-slip surfaces. The surface of the work premises should be rough so that the workers do not slip and fall. The slips mostly occur due to lubricated or wet surfaces within the work premises.
  • Accidents caused by toppling objects: The employer should ensure that the wires are not scattered within the work premises. The trips mostly occur when the busy workers fail to see the scattered wires and trip.
  • Burn Accidents: These types of accidents are common in the industries dealing with chemicals. The workers who handle these chemicals need to be provided with protective clothing so as to stay away from burn injuries.

If you have sustained any of these accidents, you can seek the help of a work injury claim lawyer to get justice.

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