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A Theatre Porter’s Story where Accidents at Work Solicitor Played a Significant Role

If you have suffered a work accident and is recovering from its injury, then you may contact the innumerable solicitors in the UK who work on no win no fee basis. The term ‘no win no fee’ is suggestive of the free services that are given by these federal bodies to their clients. There are expert to handle all sorts of cases whether it is complex and simple. When injured it becomes almost impossible to gather the proofs and evidences for the case, thus, in such situation hiring a lawyer would be smarter move on your part. Unlike you, James, a theatre porter also had accidents at work when he decided to take help of the personal injury lawyer to secure a claim for him.

James was working as a theatre porter in a hospital for few years where he came across work accident. He was mainly responsible to assist the nurses in shifting the patients from one bed to the other or to the trolleys. Whilst doing the same, two nurses were holding one side of the patient when the other was supported by James. With sudden misbalance two of the nurses loose their grip and the patient rolled on to the top of James’ right hand. His middle finger was trapped that caused crushing injury to him. He had to endure the pain for long period of time although being under medical treatment and physiotherapy. With his realization of dexterity he became furious and frustration. With disability to work he started suffering from mental traumas.

However, gathering all his strength and ability, he contacted the personal injury solicitors who are specialized in dealing with work accidents cases. They helped him to secure successful compensation to pay out for his loss of earnings, medical expenses, and potential medical treatment as well. The victim mainly claimed from the hospital on the basis of the two untrained nurses. He claimed that due to lack of proper training the nurses lost their balance that has lead to such an injury. The injury lawyers were very helpful and took all the responsibilities of the case. On the basis of the accusation placed by the victim, the injury lawyers verified about the training of the nurses from them and collected the other necessary accident related information. With the given medical bills, expense of physiotherapy, doctor’s visit fee and loss of earnings the lawyers determined the amount of compensation for the plaintiff James.

On alleging the hospital management on the negligence and the severity of injury that James had to suffer, they accepted the accusation and begged for pardon. The firm together with the hospital is negotiating with the amount of the compensation. It is expected the matter would be soon solved.

Thus, if you have lost any dear ones in accidents at work or you are enduring injuries due to the callousness of colleagues and negligence of the business owners, then you are eligible to ask claim from the litigant. Even though, if you are afraid of loosing your job and thus, sitting aback, then for your information, you should know that the solicitors in the UK offer mutual settlement to their clients as well.

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