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About Us

At AccidentAtWork.org.uk, our primary focus is upon helping work-injured victims access the right legal expertise to make a successful claim for work injury compensation. Our transparent no win no fee policy offers piece of mind that, whatever the outcome of your claim, you won’t be liable for legal costs and you will receive 100% of any compensation recovered. Our mission is to ensure your work injury claim is handled quickly and efficiently from the outset, alongside the provision of tailored advice and support when you need it most.

AccidentAtWork.org.uk is committed to offering unbiased legal advice to anyone injured as a consequence of employer negligence. Once we have established you have a legitimate entitlement to claim, we assign a personal injury solicitor with extensive experience of case law relevant to your circumstances. We believe that everyone has a legitimate right to the best possible legal representation in the aftermath of an accident, and will only assign the most appropriate solicitor to fight on your behalf.

Unlike many work injury claims solicitors, we don’t believe any client should feel pressured into pursuing an accident at work claim. Our advice and consultation services are provided on a costless basis to anyone who has been injured as a result of an accident in the workplace, and you are not obligated to proceed with a claim based on any advice offered. We understand the stress of costly legal fees and mounting debt can be sufficiently worrying at this difficult time, which is why we’ll never encourage you to apply for credit just to fund your case. In 99% of cases, all costs are recovered from the party at fault, and even if your case isn’t successful, you’ll usually be protected by our ‘After the Event’ insurance policy.

Our primary goal is to help you access the support and legal advice you need from accredited solicitors, when you need it most.

To find out how much your work injury claim could be worth, visit our online compensation calculator for an immediate representative example.

For advice about starting a claim, or to find out whether you meet our basic work injury claim criteria, please use the online form to submit a few basic details about your accident, or call our friendly claims specialists on: 0800 073 8805.