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Accident at Work Cases Are the Zenith of a Glacier of Bigger Issues

Not all the employers in the UK abide by the workplace safety rules and regulations. The outcome is catastrophic on behalf of the employees and the compensation culture is heavily criticized now. Compensation for accident at work has almost come on the verge of becoming a myth. This does not, however, subdue the real figures that can be depicted from the Health and Safety Executive official website. The non-departmental public body has accident at workclearly suggested that 700,000 new cases are likely to be reported each year. During 2003-2004 alone, 2.2 million people suffered injuries and illnesses resulting from workplace environments, faulty machineries, negligent coworkers and supervisors and insufficiency of safety equipments and training. Collateral damages include but not limited to a total loss of 39 million workdays, loss of productivity (which is undesirable from employer’s perspective as well), loss of earnings and many other consequential losses not to mention the emergence of fake compensation claim lawyers and claims management farms.

Sufferings of the Workers

The total amount of compensation payout to the victims of workplace accidents has reached a whopping mark of £1.5 billion. 80,000 claims were successfully awarded compensatory benefits. But the figure is diminutive if you consider that 2.2 million people were injured in the UK due to workplace accidents. Take in consideration the cost incurred on the victims. The total figure of cost on behalf of the victims was between £10.1 billion and £14.7 billion during 2001-2002. Most of these victims did not get any work accident compensation at all.

Stress-related Illnesses Often Overlooked

The common notion about accident at work is it has to be physically damaging. But over half a million workplace stress related injuries and illnesses have also been reported. Stress, however, is not listed in the DWP industrial injuries scheme and an expert lawyer has to deal with these cases in a completely different manner. During 2001, only 3,000 workplace stress injury compensation claim became successful. As per HSE reports, 240,000 people were suffering due to workplace stress during the same year.

A Brief Analysis

From the above mentioned data and many more findings that have not been depicted in this piece, it can well be interpreted that the workplace accidents that are reported and compensation claims that are awarded are much lower than the total number of accidents happening each year. There are several factors behind these cases not been reported and compensation amount not been awarded. Firstly, the injured employees do not always feel to go against their employers and several other preconceived notions and circumstances deter them from filing a claim. Secondly and most importantly, the claimants are not always aware of the pertinent rules and regulations and the correct procedure of filing an accident at work claim. The general rule of thumb is, one has to accrue all the relatable documents and evidences before filing a case. Unfortunately, workers are often ill-informed about the procedure for filing a claim. The claims management companies are, howbeit, on a constant endeavor to educate people about the norms and laws. The glacier of bigger and graver issues may melt in coming days and years.

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