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Accident at Work Compensation Claim Experts Pin It on Lack of Training

It is imperative for the employers in the UK to provide necessary training to the employees so that they can perform their jobs efficiently and safely. This is not just for the health and safety sake, but for increasing productivity as well. Many employers, unfortunately, sidestep the statutory guidelines and try to impose their own health and safety rules within their organizations which results in accidents ranging from minor slips and trips to fatal ones as well. Accident at work compensation claim experts blame lack of requisite training accident at work claimfor the increasing number of workplace accidents in the UK. If you have been racked due to the negligence of your employer, you can claim for compensation from the organization or the concerned department or individual for all your losses and damages.

Untrained, poorly trained and incompletely trained workers

Workers who are untrained or inadequately trained or were forced to start working towards the end of the training period are all on the same page. Reliable accidents at work claim specialists see all these cases from the same perspective. For example, if you have never been into on-job or pre-job training and have been injured just because you did not know how to operate the fork truck, you will be eligible for making a compensation claim against your employers. Similarly, someone who has just received three days of elementary training instead of gathering one-month’s hand-on experience in electrical installation and has met an electrical accident can file an accident at work claim against competent authority.

Different types of training

There are mainly two types of requisite training, manual handling training and equipment training. One who is required to execute manual handing jobs at work must be trained in due manner. On the other hand, if someone’s job involves operating a machine or something, he should be trained on how to use that machine safely. Unfortunately, most of the UK workers lack the necessary training which is why workplaces experience many mishaps every year. Blue collar workers meet these accidents in most cases. However, basic safety training should also be provided to white collar workers as well. For instance, white collar employees should be trained on how to use the computers and peripherals in safe manner. These are some elementary safety needs that the employers simply ignore.

Claiming for compensation

Claiming for accident at work compensation is an easy process but requires a systematic approach. For example, you need to inform your HR department first about the accident and let the employer know that you are going to take a legal step. The next step is to hire an expert solicitor for representing you in the court. The solicitor might instruct you to gather some documents and evidences. You might have to collect the statement of any coworker, the CCTV recoding of the accident, your letter to the employer, the medical reports and bills that you have received during treatment, the proof of loss of income any other document that the solicitor might ask you to arrange. Opt for a claims management company to better manage the paperwork part of claiming for compensation.

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