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Accident at Work: Don’t Hesitate to Claim a Rightful Compensation

"accident at work claim"There can be various kinds of cases that make an employee eligible for compensation if he or she has been through an accident at work. Suffering a mishap out of no fault of one’s own is a gross injustice, and one simply must make amends and get what they deserve. In many cases, however, people hesitate to bring forth a claim for compensation even if their employer is guilty of negligence. A number of factors play a role behind this mindset.

Claim-deterring Questionnaire

  • Fear of Being Under the Scanner: This is one of the commonest fears. No one wants to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and least of all be looked at negatively by the bosses. Rest assured, however, that such behaviour because one made a valid claim is completely against the rulebook.
  • Fear of Being Charged for Insubordination: This is completely unethical. Asking to be recompensed in the lawful way is in no way an attempt at defying authority or creating trouble.
  • Fear of Being Blacklisted in the Market: This is absolutely groundless. A justified suit filed by one doesn’t make one a troublesome creature to any prospective employer; although one should furnish the details in all honesty, it cannot be a ground for refusing them a job. If anything, this makes one a much more suitable candidate, since any employer would prefer someone strong of character and personality.
  • Fear of Losing One’s Job: Too many people refrain from making a compensation claim because of this fear. It must be remembered that it is completely unethical for any employer to give an employee the pink slip simply because the latter moved a case against them. One is completely justified to bring about a further charge against the employer if anything like this happens.
  • Mistreatment at the Workplace: This, again, is unethical. One should know what has been happening if one faces non-cooperation from the authorities after filing the claim a marked difference in attitude and lack of appreciation are prominent signs of mistreatment.

The foremost priority of the employer is to ensure that nothing hampers the health and safety at work of their employees. Therefore, failing to provide the same is a violation of the basic rights of an employee. On the other hand, the unfortunate fact remains that a lot of people are still unable to provide this basic amenity to the ones who work for them. In the light of this fact, an employee is completely justified in asking for compensation if he or she is wronged in this aspect. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to hesitate when bringing forth a claim for compensation; the employer, if proven guilty, has no right whatsoever to penalise the one who has sued them.

As a matter of fact, it is criminal offence to hamper an employee’s career or to refuse to recompense if the employer has been found guilty of negligence. Any such action taken by the aforementioned entity, after the court has ruled its verdict, makes them further guilty on the charge of contempt of court. Therefore, it is always advisable to avoid all these troubles by ensuring that no employee faces an accident at work brought about by employer’s negligence. On the part of the employee, again, it must be remembered that the mishap did not occur due to a mistake made by him or her, in which case the entire issue becomes fraudulent.

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