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Accident At Work fetches £280K for a British Airways Stewardess

A settlement of £280K was granted to a British Airways Stewardess who claimed she was seriously injured when a metal canister fell on her head while in the process of preparing drinks to passengers of the air craft.

42 year old Gail Ormiston-White, who worked as a stewardess with British Airways was reported to be struck by a metal canister on the back of her head. The injury was sustained in the cramped galley of the aircraft. She was preparing to serve water to passengers of the aircraft in Heathrow Airport.

Gail Ormiston-White, in attempting to fetch a metal canister containing water, tried to put aside another canister with dry ice that was situated in the front. In the process, some ice fell on the floor and while she was trying to pick up the fallen ice, the whole canister tumbled over her head. The heavy blow landed on the back of her head numbing her for some time.

Gail Ormiston-White’s allegations were levelled against British Airways, whom she accused of failing to provide safety at workplace. The ‘negligence’ of Airlines resulted in injuries leading to serious neurological consequences, she asserted. She sued British Airways by filing a PLC seeking work injury claims of between £100K and £300K.

British Airways denied any such liability on its part. Ormiston-White’s counsel Freya Newbery alleged that the Airlines’ negligence was the sole cause of accident, hence was liable to pay personal injury compensation.

Gail Ormiston-White was from, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, a cabin crew member with British Air ways and the incident happened in 2008 July. Her lawyer pointed out those injuries she sustained during accident at work made her feel groggy and dizzy; that she had difficulty with her balance and had to use a stick for walking. She had not reported to work since then because of the severity of injuries, reported BBC News.

Lawyers on both sides argued for the liability of the accident. In a last minute discussion, the case was settled by agreeing to pay £280K by British Airways as work accident injury claim. This was even before Mr Justice Mac Duff of high court could decide on the liability issue. He was reported as saying the outcome was very sensible considering that it was a full and final settlement.

Besides £280K towards work accident claims Mrs. Ormiston-White would also receive costs. At the end of all this she was heard saying “I’m just glad it’s all over”.

A long serving stewardess was thus awarded the compensation that was due to her. It is also so when the judiciary upheld the law in her case, that is commendable. If you have had a accident at work its worth getting free advice to see if you can claim compensation.


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