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Accident at work: How the Employers Should Work to Prevent Workplace Mishaps

"accident at work"The accident rates have remained consistently high in the industrial sectors of the United Kingdom. According to the 2010-2011 reports published by the health and Safety Executive, 1.2 million workers were affected by industrial ailments, while 115 000 workplace injuries were reported to the RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995). The Health and Safety Executive received reports concerning 175 work-related deaths in the same year. The disabilities caused by these accidents at work put many people out of work. The employers running their businesses in the United Kingdom need to cautious enough to prevent these unfortunate occurrences. The UK government has urged the employers and business owners to introduce health and safety policies to bring down the number of work accidents. If you have sustained an accident at work in the recent past, you can get in touch with an expert personal injury solicitor to deal with your case.

The positive news is that in-depth analyses are being conducted to find out the chief reasons behind the accidents at work. According to the UK government finding out the true reasons behind the workplace mishaps can help the business owners prevent these unfortunate events. A clear knowledge about the cases will help the employers to design the preventive measures to combat the accidents at work. The challenge is to make sure that all the employees follow the health and safety policies introduced by the employers.

Proper health and safety training is a must for the employees handling specialized machineries at work. There are several instances where the mishaps have occurred due to the mishandling of the specialized equipments at work. Looking from this perspective, proper training can make the employees fit for using specialized devices in the desired manner. A slight distraction from work can also lead to work accidents. The workers need to be extra careful while executing their jobs at hand. Again, the employees should be provided with adequate training so that they can work promptly and efficiently due critical situations while at work.

Safety posters can prove to be a great means warn the employees about the risks involved in a workstation. The employees will go through the messages on the safety posters and will take necessary precautions to avoid the mishaps. The statements on the safety posters should be bigger enough to grab the attention of the employees. The employers should put the safety posters on the workstations, passageways and on the chemical containers.

The employers should provide the workers with protective garments as and when necessary. The employees dealing with hazardous substances should wear protective apparels while at work.

There are several instances where workplace mishaps have occurred due to the faulty equipments. The employers should introduce risk assessment programs to check the equipments that are being used. The risk assessment programs should also aim at assessing the risks involved in the work locations. A supervisor can be appointed to keep an watch on the work operations being carried out in the workplaces. All the aforementioned precautions will help to ensure health and safety at work.

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