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Accident at Work: Office Accidents and Procedures of Filing of Injury Claims

Office accidents are banal in the UK workplaces. The workstations, which do not have proper infrastructure to ensure the health and safety of the employees, often witness office accidents. If you have endured a debilitating injury at office, you are entitled to file an accident at work case claiming lump sum compensation from the person or authority that is directly or indirectly responsible for the mishap. Negligence is the prime reason behind most of the accidents in the UK offices. When you suffer life-changing injuries at office due to somebody else’s fault, the person or authority responsible for the injury cannot be pardoned. A case should be filed to make the guilty parties realize their faults and urge them to take necessary measures to prevent the further occurrence of such incidents.

Office accidents tend to happen due to the lack of health and safety programs, inadequate supervision or absence of proper risk assessment. Common office accidents are:

  • slips on wet surfaces
  • trips because of the loose wires and cables
  • repetitive strain injury
  • electric shocks due to improper wiring

If you have sustained any of the aforementioned accidents at office and feel that your employer or any of your fellow colleagues is responsible for the mishap, you can contact an expert solicitor and file an injury claim. The solicitor is the best person to guide you efficiently through the legal proceedings. He will represent your case in the court and will help you win a good amount of compensation. No matter how big is the compensation amount, it can never take away your physical pain and emotional sufferings, but it will definitely help you to redeem the financial expenses incurred by the accident. You will be able to use the compensation money to bear the huge medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. The accident at work compensation will not only cover the medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, but will also cover the loss of earning, if any. Filing an injury claim is the first step in indemnifying the financial losses.

The question that instantly comes to the mind is: how much compensation can a victim of office accident expect? Like all other workplace accidents, the compensation amount of an office accident will depend on a number of factors. The court will check the type and extent of the injury caused. The degree of injury can be one of the factors determining the amount of compensation to be received. The judge dealing with an office accident case often refers to similar cases where compensation has been awarded to the victims. Usually, more serious injuries prompt the judge to grant high amount of compensation. In the instances of life-changing injuries and permanent disfigurement, the amount of compensation is more than that offered in the minor cases.

Most of the personal injury solicitors in the United Kingdom provide their legal advices and assistance on no win no fee basis. Most of the victims prefer availing the services of the no win no fee solicitors because these professionals do not demand any upfront payments. They receive their fees only after winning the case.

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