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Accidents at Work Are Unfortunate but Inevitable Consequences of Health and Safety Rules Violation

The employers in the UK are legally obligated to provide minimum safety and security systems and equipments for the overall wellbeing of their workers. The government has aimed to curb accidents at work by implementing the Six Pack regulations that act as a framework for regulating the employers. The regulations include Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, Management of "accident at work claim"Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, and Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. Unfortunately, many of the employers least care about the regulations and force their employees to work under stressful, unhealthy and perilous working conditions.

Causes of work accidents

Many of the occupational accidents and injuries, as identified by the personal injury solicitors who deal with these cases, are the outcome of the inadequate safety measures and unhealthy working environments. They have found during their regular interaction with the victims of the accidents that in many cases, the employers did not feel to equip their workers with appropriate safety gears and clothing. Lack of training is also a big reason behind the workplace injuries. The work accident compensation claim experts see it as a sheer violation of the statutory guidelines. Therefore, the accidents during working for which the victims cannot be blamed are clearly the liability of the employers.

Effects are severe in nature

Accidents at work impact heavily the lives of the injured workers who spend days and nights in pain and agony. In some cases, they need to say goodbye to normal life forever. Some undergo amputation of their limbs and some people suffer from lifelong blindness or deafness because of these accidents. There are workplace injury compensation claim solicitors who try to provide a legal remedy for all these losses and damages. However, many people think that hiring these solicitors involves huge expenditure and they do not attempt to get redress through this way. But there is accident at work claim experts who still work on no win no fee basis.

What are no win no fee claims?

You can file compensation claim through no win no fee solicitors who are specialized in dealing with these cases in specific. These solicitors have years of experience in dealing with these occupational injury cases. The negligence of the employers is crassly criticized by these solicitors. Through their course of work, these solicitors have experienced that many of the employers are not at all concerned about the health and safety of their workers and that jeopardize the employees in most cases.

Some instances of negligence

Accidents at work happen because of many reasons. Some of the common reasons are discussed here below in a storytelling style for your further reference.

  • Robert works in a warehouse and has to drive a forklift truck on a regular basis as a part of his job. One fine day, while he was operating the fork truck within the premises of his workplace, he could not maneuver it before a turn and bumped onto a wall with the truck and got severally injured. If it was found that Robert was not properly trained on how to operate fork trucks, it will be held as a liability of the employer, as reckoned by personal injury solicitors.
  • Trevor works in a pharmaceutical firm and his job involves mixing toxic chemicals with each other. Trevor has complained the authority that he has already developed an allergy to those chemicals and applied for deployment in some other division. Trevor falls ill one day and abruptly stops coming to his workplace. This type of industrial disease is also a consequence of the violation of the health and safety rules and regulations of the country.
  • Rebecca works in an IT firm and she has to work on computers for long hours at a stretch. She has been working with this company for last ten years. For the past few days, she has been suffering from acute neck and spinal pain. When she finally visited a good orthopedic, she was diagnosed with spondylitis. It can be easily proved in the court that the resultant illnesses were caused by the negligent employers who made Rebecca work for hours together.

However, there are hundreds of other reasons behind accidents at work and the above-mentioned are some of the typical cases. an accident at work solicitor can righty name the category under which these can be bracketed.

What does a work accident solicitor do?

The broad scope and objective of the work areas of these solicitors can be categorized in two areas; free legal advice and no win no fee legal services.

What advices you can get?

Work accident no win no fee solicitors can explain you what are the different options for adjudicating the dispute, how high is your probability of winning the case, whether you need to go to the court, what you have to pay in case you win the case and the other way around, whether you can apply for any aid or other statutory benefits etc. However, the most advantageous aspect of consulting a construction accident solicitor is that you get to know about the existence and implication of the Tort Laws of the country. Britain, as a welfare state, has certain rules and regulations that are aimed at safeguarding the interests of the British citizens.

What legal services you can get?

No win no fee solicitors provide all-round legal assistance to their clients who approach them for filing work accident compensation lawsuits. These solicitors help the claimants with the necessary paperwork and represent them at the courts as well. The reputable solicitors ensure 100% compensation for their clients through claiming for compensation for all their losses including physical injuries, financial losses and emotional pain.

Do they charge nothing if the case is lost?

It is true that the no win no fee accidents at work solicitors charge nothing from their clients in the event of losing the cases. However, unsuccessful claimants are required to pay the disbursements and in cases, they need to pay the legal cost of the winning party as well. The success fees of the solicitors are always paid by the winning party for whom they work.

An appointment is important

You should fix an appointment with expert personal injury solicitors to know the merit of your claim and the payment terms as well. Based on the merit of your case, the solicitor may advise you to opt for an out-of-court settlement and if it is feasible, he may suggest you to prepare requisite documents and file a claim against your employer or whoever was responsible for the accident. it is the solicitor’s job to inform you about the provisions of filing work accident compensation claims and other related things.

What are the requisite documents?

No win no fee solicitors who perceive work accidents as unfortunate but inevitable consequences of health and safety rules violation always advise their clients to bring their National Insurance number, proof of employment (wage slips or appointment letter will do), proof of nationality on the very first appointment. Once your case is assessed, your solicitor may advise you to arrange other documents.

It is always imperative to take photographs and videos of the accident scene, gather contact details of the eyewitnesses and interview them as well. Your solicitor will be able to guide you throughout. However, it’s your duty to take photographs of the accident scene as a minimum.

Where can you find the best solicitors?

The best accidents at work solicitors work closely with the claims managing firms that are essentially different from the solicitor firms. The difference is in handling and management of the claims and the huge amount of data that come in with the claimants filing lawsuits. It is true that there are several solicitor firms who have empanelled experts but what you will experience by hiring a claims management firm is utterly professional management of paperwork and your claim as well. You will feel like dealing with a real corporate firm that can outshine any solicitor firm in terms of intelligent usage of human resources, supervision and extended services.

Where can you find the best claims management firms?

These days, most of the claims management firms have their own websites. So it is best to browse through the websites of these firms and choose one which best matches your requirement. You will find claims management websites where all sorts of accident claim services are listed. But it is always wise to choose a firm that only deals with work accident cases so that you can get specialized assistance that probability of winning the claim increases.

However, you should also consider the fact that the best personal injury solicitors work in sync with those claims management companies that are accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Choosing a claims management firm which is not duly authorized only shows lack of prudence and judgment.

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