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Accidents at Work Claim: all about slip and trip accidents at Work

accident at work-claimSlips and trips are common happenings in the UK workplaces. They make up more than on1/3rd of the all the workplaces injuries suffered by the UK workers. In 2011, more than 10,000 people became the victims of slips and trips while at work. This year, the figure is expected to become more than that witnessed last year. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slip and trip accident claims make up more than 16 % of the total work accident claims filed in the country. If you have undergone an accident at work in the recent times, you can consider getting legal support to file an accident at work claim. However, you need to prove you innocence and the contribution of your employer in causing the accident.

The duty of the employers and business owners include ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. If an employer fails to perform this duty in the desirable way and an accident at work occurs due to it, the worker suffering from the accident can take legal action and go to the court to file a lawsuit. Here are some useful tips for forestalling the slip and trip accidents at work:

  • Do not Run: The workers should not run in the worksite as it can lead to slip and trip accidents. There are instances where the worker walking absent-mindedly over a lubricated surface at work slipped and fractured his bones. In order to stay away of these mishaps, make sure that you remain careful while at work.
  • Beware of the Rugs and Mats:¬† It is better to keep notice of the mats and rugs that are folded at the edges. Many workers do not take notice of the curled-edged mats and trip over them to get injured. The employers should be careful enough to remove the worn-out mats to prevent the mishaps caused by them
  • Be Careful While going up and Down the Stairs: ¬†Slip and trip accidents often occur when a worker unmindfully climb the stairs. Thus, it is important to remain careful while mounting up or coming down the stairs. Slipping from the staircase can cause serious accidents, and even, life-changing injuries. The employers should install handrails in the staircases and put tread marked ramps to prevent slips and trips in the staircases at work.
  • Rectify Poor Lighting: Poor lighting is often found to enhance the chances of slip and trip accidents. It is important to improve lighting to prevent the accidents that happen due to bad lighting.
  • Remove Spillages: Clearing spillages can reduce the risks of work accidents to a great degree. Most cases of slip and trip accidents are the results of spillages at workplaces.

In spite of taking all the precautions, if you receive injuries due to accidental slip and trip at work, you can choose to file an accident at work claim. You can avail the services of a reputable personal injury solicitor to deal with your case. Hiring the services of an expert solicitor, in fact, raises the scopes of compensation.

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