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Healthy and safety regulations are devised and implemented by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. The non-departmental public body was established in 1970 with an aim to curb accidents at work in the mainland UK. The local "accidents at work"authorities work closely with the HSE to prevent these mishaps and excogitate ways to curtail these issues. Despite all the efforts made by the HSE, the workplace accidents in the country are steadily increasing in number which is pretty alarming an issue. Of course, the laws of the country are pretty supportive towards the victims, but that’s reparative and not preventive a provision.

Workplace accident statistics UK

Occupational accidents were really expensive for the UK employers and employees in the year of 2002. HSE reports suggest that seven million working days were lost due to this. The Trade Union Congress also estimated that only slip or trip accidents cost £ 1.1 billion in the same year. Ten years have passed but the situation has not improved to a relieving extent. The regulatory body has repeatedly stressed n ensuring workplace safety because it is beneficial for the employers as well. But a negligible number of employers consistently follow their directives and warnings.

HSE regulations in a capsule

HSE recommendations are pretty simple and easy to follow though a good number of employers fail to comply with them, as expressed by many reputable no win no fee solicitors in the past. What are the things HSE expect the employers to do? Let’s take a brief look.

  • Installing safe machines and plants
  • Devising safe practices for handling, installation, storing or transporting
  • Handing out information and safety manuals and deploy supervisors
  • Safe working environments with proper facilities
  • Workplaces should be easily accessible.

Are all these safety measures quite difficult to take? Regrettably, many UK employers simply forget about these things and do not bother about the health and safety of their workers which put in danger the unfortunate working class heroes.

White collar accidents: Are they also affected?

Many of the accidents at work involve the white collar workers of the country. The general perception is that the blue collar workers only face workplace accidents as their jobs involve a lot of manual handling operations etc. But there are these white collar workers as well who meet stress-related injuries and suffer from long-term illnesses. If you have been working for long in a filthy working atmosphere, have complained several times about the inappropriateness of the working atmosphere but all your complaints and requests fell in deaf years and you are now suffering from chronic illness as a consequence, you are a victim of employer’s negligence.

What’s the legal remedy?

Workplace accident no win no fee solicitors have found a definite answer for all the losses and sufferings of the workplace accident victims. They advice their clients to take the proper legal step by filing compensation claim against the negligent employers. They strongly recommend reporting the cases as soon as possible and guide their clients throughout the claiming procedure. Some of these solicitors work with the reputable claims management companies and offer free legal advice as well.

Roles played by no win no fee lawyers

There are workplace accident compensation claim experts who are now working on no win no fee basis. Though these no win no fee solicitors are widely criticized for their ambulance chasing tactics, there are still many of them who are offering their legal services with repute for over a decade. You can find many of these highly experienced solicitors associated with the top claims management companies.

Identifying corporate liability

The liability of the corporate owners of the companies that do not meet the bare minimums of the HSE regulations resulting in thousands of accidents at work can be easily proved in a manner defined precisely in the HSE Act. Section 37 of it has two sections. Part one asserts that if an offence is under any standing provisions commended by a corporate body, then it may be assumed that the action taken was with the permission of the director or manager or any other competent authority of the organization or by negligent acts of the authority and the person concerned as well as the entire concerned department and whoever was in charge of it would be held guilty. On the other hand, if the corporate body is managed by the members, the individual who is found negligent would be held guilty.   "work accident"

How the victims are compensated?

The victims of office accidents get compensation for any or all of the general and special damages that include physical pain, loss of amenity and loss of earnings. For example, if Mr. X meets an accident at work, the personal injury solicitors appointed by him would first assess the physical injuries received by him. Then the loss of earnings would be calculated and it will also be calculated whether Mr. X loses his paid leaves and statutory benefits from his organization because of the accident.

How the general damages are quantified?

Several things are taken into consideration for quantifying the losses and damages of the victims. What are the parameters involved in quantization of injuries? Age of the claimants, intensity of the injuries, sex of the claimants and personal attributes are taken into account by the accidents at work claims management companies and the solicitors appointed by them. For instance, if a young and an old person meets the same kind of life-changing accident, the court generally awards higher compensation payout to the younger as because he has to bear the consequences much longer than the older person, presumably.

How the special damages are quantified?

Special damages are the easily quantifiable as because the monetary losses are only counted by the no win no fee solicitors. However, monetary losses do not only include loss of earnings. That the victim has to pay for repairing or replacing damaged cars is also taken into consideration. Special damages are classified into incidental damages and consequential damages. Repair and replacement costs are included into ‘incidental damages’ category and loss of earnings is included in the ‘consequential damages’ category.

Accidents at work-how are they different?

A compensation claim expert can easily tell apart accidents at work from other sorts of accidents such as car accidents etc. the negligent party is easily traceable in these cases while on the other hand, in case of car accident claims, the negligent parties cannot be traced in many cases for various reasons. The actual wrongdoers abscond and in many cases, the victims cannot note down the car number, model and make of the other cars. But in case of construction accident, the negligent party can easily be identified.

The required documents for filing a claim

Filing a lawsuit for workplace accidents is pretty easy. There are these work accident compensation claim lawyers who help the victims get back to their normal life by providing the required legal support. However, the solicitors ask their clients to arrange a few requisite documents for filing claims against the wrongdoers. For example, you need to keep your insurance details arranged before filing a claim of this sort. You also need to undergo adequate medical treatment and need to accrue the phone numbers and names of the eyewitnesses. An accident at work claim expert can only tell you what are the requisite documents based on the nature of your case.

What other steps you need to take?

You must report the case to the HR department of your office first. State clearly how the accident happened and why do you think that the authority or any other competent individual was responsible for it. Highly experienced no win no fee solicitors see this as a stepping stone towards winning a claim. After reporting the accident to your company’s HR department, you need to see your doctor and follow his advices. The accidents at work solicitor may ask you for additional medical report which you need to collect from your doctor as well.

Briefing the accident to the solicitor

This is the easiest yet most important step for filing an accident at work compensation claim. This is because the solicitor will ask you several questions and you need to answer them properly or on the basis of as far as you can recall. The solicitor may ask you to describe exactly what happened before and during the accident. It is better if you write a detailed report on the accident mentioning the date, time and place and also stating unambiguously why you think that somebody in particular was responsible for the accident you met. This report is the first thing that the compensation claim experts would ask from you.

Where can you find the best solicitors?

As mentioned earlier, accidents at work solicitors who work on no win no fee basis work closely with the claims management companies. You should refine your searches while browsing through the list of these companies keeping in mind that the best claims management companies are regulated by the Ministry of Justice. On the other hand, experienced and reputable solicitors are all authorized by the SRA. This information would help you single out the best no win no fee solicitors in the country.

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