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Accidents at Work: How Are Employees Responsible?

"accidents at work"Some of the most devastating accidents happen to take place in workplaces and factory grounds where huge machines, heavy cargoes and complex devices are handled. But, what most victims do not realize is the responsibility part of the employer. Accidents at work that are not results of the negligence or unacceptable actions of the employees can be considered as the fault of the employers. Small, mid-scale and colossal businesses are required to maintain an acceptably safe environment at work so as to ensure safety of the employees who are working under them.

Health and safety at work is a big issue in the modern times when a lot of unnatural happenstances are affecting the lives of the workers due to poor safety standards at work sites. It is important for an employee to know how their employers are responsible for these unfortunate occurrences. Glimpsing through the liabilities of an employer toward their working staff can help understand it better.

HSE Guidelines

HSE or Health and Safety Executive, the government-run authority of the UK that looks after the safety measures and environments in workplaces instructs the duty-holders to have certain commitments towards the health of the workers. To ensure this, HSE lays down certain guidelines that make sure that the business organizations working within the UK are not exposing the workers to injurious factors.

  • Firstly, a risk assessment requires to be done in a factory set up before employees are hired, and tasks are assigned to execute in the given environment.
  • Machines should be employed for tasks that strain the health and have negative impacts on the workers.
  • The employees should be provided with required safety gears so that they are well-protected while working with harmful substances.
  • Workers should not be made to overwork on a regular basis as it leads to certain physical and mental ailments.
  • Certain health-unfriendly elements present in the workplace should be completely eliminated so that safety is ensured at all costs.
  • Too much of mental pressure should not be exerted on the recruits because this, on a long-term basis leads of development of mental depression or disabilities to do even the slightest of activities.
  • Machines and devices used by the workers should be purpose-specific and well-maintained in order to make sure that it is not malfunctioning.

The Thing About ALARP

ALARP or as low as reasonably practicable, a term that applies to the safety issues in workplaces. It says that every work has a certain degree of risk factor involved that can never be completely eliminated, even though all-encompassing precautions are adopted. The UK Health and Safety Law permits duty-holders to work on this principle. But, this does not mean that all accidents at work are pardonable on this ground. The risks talked about in ALARP are minor ones that do not lead to any major harm of the executor. Hence, if your employer attempts to deny a compensation claim on this ground, then let a lawyer inspect the case and take the action on your behalf.

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