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Accidents at Work should not go Unnoticed

accident at workWhen you are employed in an organisation, just as you have some commitments to your employer, similarly, your employer also has some responsibilities towards you. Besides paying you a standard compensation, another important piece of information which employers should pass to employees are the policies engaged with accidents at work. All employers are legally bound to provide a safe environment to the workforce. In case of any accident it is the employers’ responsibility to report such accidents to the concerned authority.

Some of the mandatory responsibilities of an employer include the following:

Safe Building: The buildings in which the employees are working should be built in adherence to all the safety norms like proper ventilation, lighting, heating and there should not be any hazardous substances within the premises. Sometimes wet floors are cause of major accidents. People in charge of providing safe working environment should look to the fact that employees are not exposed to wet floors and the like.

Safe working system: This is another criterion which employers should ensure the employees. This means the methods and the equipments which an employee needs to use should be as safe as possible. It is important that the workforce is provided with proper training before they are exposed to risky equipments. There should be every arrangement to mitigate the       risks involved with a particular job. The equipments which are used by employees should undergo a proper maintenance.

Accidents at work sometimes might be caused by incompetency of staff. Hence it is the accountability of the employers to select the right kind of employee for a particular job profile. Sometimes lack of understanding of one staff might cause a severe accident in the workplace.

In spite of every protection accidents do occur in a working environment. Some of the common accidents taking place in a workplace include slipping on a wet floor; tripping on an object, fall from a height, chemical reactions on a body while working with hazardous chemicals, burns, asphyxiation and a lot others.

Employers can take precautions in their workplace to prevent all hazardous incidents but still there are several cases where an employee might suffer severe losses. At this juncture it is the job of an employer to provide support to the employee. In the first place financial assistance must be given to employees in terms of injury claim. Medical expenses of an injured employee should be borne by the organisation. In worst cases like death of the employee financial assistance needs to be given to the family members. In some cases if possible, a job might also be offered to a member of the deceased’s’ family.

As far as the employees are concerned, in case they suffer an injury in the workplace and the company refuses to support them, they have the option to take legal help. With legal assistance they can get the required financial help from their respective organisations.

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