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Accidents at Work: Types of Work Accidents that are Claimable

Amputation is considered to be one of the major and the most common injuries occurring with the workers. It not only makes the victims physically disabled but simultaneously makes them run out of their jobs, giving them life time financial crisis. Thus, if you are suffering from the same due to the negligence of the employer, then you are capable to ask accidents at work claim from the guilty. You might get afraid of claiming against the business owner in a fear of loosing your job. But such injuries will automatically make you unable to work. Hence, when you have nothing more to loose but lots of things to win, claiming compensation is an ideal option to choose. But then, to lessen your fear the solicitors in the UK might secure right amount of claim from the guilty with mutual settlement. Read on the following to know the different types of work accidents those are claimable,

  • Machine Failure: Improper maintenance of the machines may lead to failure whilst at work. Thus, it may happen that the worker’s hand gets struck in the machine causing amputation or serious wounds.
  • Forklift Malfunction: Continuous usage of forklift accessories may loosen the attachments leading to severe head injuries or fatal wounds.
  • Road Traffic Accident: Whilst delivering goods to the shops, the workers may across accidents on the road, either due to the failure of his vehicle or being hit by other automobile. In such case the victim is entitled to ask injury claim from the guilty.
  • Construction Accident: Sudden malfunction of the safety belts or helmets whilst at work may lead to severe injuries. Fall from heights due to loosening of safety belts or helmets may affect the head and lead to brain injuries and hemorrhage. Deaths happen frequently in such accidents.
  • Industrial Disease: Exposure to harmful chemicals may develop fatal diseases within the workers such as, mesothelioma, lung cancer and asthma etc. It also causes hazardous skin diseases to the victims. Using high-end technology machines may develop vibrations within the body, thereby causing neurological issues to the victims.
  • Slip and Trip Accidents: Spillage of liquids on the work floors and corridors may result in slip and trip accidents. Whiplashes and fracture are the most types of injuries that happen with the victims.

The above injuries caused due to the negligence of the business owners can never be tolerable, as these have long lasting affect on the victim’s life. Thus, only barring them behind the iron rods wouldn’t be enough to make them realize the importance of the safety of the workers. Hence, the solicitors in the UK might help the victims to file case against the guilty claim accidents at work compensation from him.

The claim would help the victim to meet up all the accident related losses that the victims had to bear and enabling the plaintiffs to continue further medical treatment without any hassle. However, remember to file the case within the tenure of three years and with a failure the case would be cancelled by the court.

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