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All that a Work Accident Victim should know about Construction Accident Claims

Constructional work pose great risk of life, thus, it is the duty of the employer to look after the safety and security of the workers. If they fail to do so the victimized worker is entitled to get compensated by them. Though, UK has one of the safest constructional work records, but then lot many workers is dying each year as a result of construction accident. Such accidents can cause detrimental effect to the victims for example; amputation and fatal head injuries are few of the kind. In most cases the victimized worker prefer to stay "construction accident"back from claiming in a fear of losing their job. Thus, they need to understand their legal right to receive compensation from the employer as a failure to maintain safety at the workplace  Scan through the following domains to know the different types of construction site accidents that are claimable.

  • Fall from Heights: Whilst climbing high up the buildings the worker might fall down leading to severe injuries. Such work accidents mainly affects the brain or lead to fractures and the last outcome being death.
  • Crane Accidents: Sudden collapse of the cranes may lead to severe injuries. It might affect the chest, head of the injured and also can lead to amputation.
  • Run-over by Operating Equipments: Whilst working the worker might get run-over by an operating heavy machine causing amputation or death to the employee. Amputation can make an employee disabled to work for whole of his life.
  • Electrical Accidents: Electric shocks might be minor accident at work but then, it can take major turns as well. Thus, the victimized employee is entitled to ask claims from the employer.
  • Fire at work: Fire broke out at work might cause burnt injuries to the employer. Major burnt can lead to death as well whereas, minor burnt leaves the scars throughout the life.
  • Heavy materials falling from Heights: Whilst working heavy constructional materials can fall down and hit the head of the workers leading to severe injuries that can damage the brain as well.
  • Slip and Trip Accidents: Spillage on the work floors or on the tiles might lead to slip and trip accidents straining the back and neck of the victim.

Accidents affecting the brain might lead to severe consequences as it may lead to brain hemorrhage and further resulting in memory loss or insanity. Brain damage might lead to uncoordinated works of the nerves. Thu, if you have suffered from above mentioned work accidents then, you have all the right to seek construction accident claims from the employer.

To secure a hassle-free claim it is very important to report a work accident report both at the police station and various reporting agencies. The report will authenticate the workplace accident and at the same time will enable the victim to remember minute details about the case. Reporting the accidents at work to the agencies might verify the case and at the same time conduct sessions to create awareness about the safety measures at the workplace.

Victims those who have endured construction accident might report the accident to the Health and Safety Executive agency and register your case. This write-up might help you to understand the ways to fill the form.

  • Introduction: Mention the background and show case the report layout of the accident. Give detailed information about the work place under which the victimized worker was employed. You might also provide the police report as well. Other than the information about the business also give details about the employer.
  • General Site Information: Mention the type of project the victim was working along with the client’s business. Include the details about sponsors and other companies if involved in the same. Also write about the size of the project.
  • Victim’s Role and Position: Mention the role of the victim in the project and his position in the company. Discuss about the safety measures taken in the workplace along with the size of the constructional site.  Also state the numbers of workers involved in the same project so that the HSE agency might talk to the eye witnesses and verify the case. You might also have to notify the company’s size.
  • Information about the Injured: State how long the victim has been working in the same company along with his employment status and conditions. Mention whether it was a temporary or permanent work and also the training facilities provided to him. Give personal details of the victims so that the executive might contact them if needed.
  • The Accident: State the hours of work involved and the task involved in it. Mention the type of construction site accident and its effect. Along with the same also state the type of injury endured by the worker. With the determination of the injury the executive of such agencies might understand the priority of dealing with the accident. Give details about the object responsible for the accident that will definitely prove the guilt of the faultier.

On filing the report to the agencies, the executives might ensure to conduct a meeting with both the employer and the employee. They aim to make them understand about the importance of preserving safety standards at the workplace and make sure to lessen the probability of further accident at work.

Make sure to provide honest and apt information in the report so that the case is not misled. If you have any photographs of the place of the accident and the injury endured by the victim then, you might present them as well. It will provide an authenticate proof to the report thereby helping you to secure successful claim. When filing claim at the court it might have to go through whole lot of verification. A legal stamp to the case and a beforehand registration of the case might avoid such prolonged verification process.

The pains and sufferings endured in work accidents can be detrimental and at times the affects are long lasting.  Thus, the victims might have to go through financial crisis and might not be able to pay the expense required for medical treatment. Fair value of construction accident claims might help to give payouts for all types of damages. Read on the following to know about the losses paid with compensation.

  • Financial Damage: Leaving apart the pains and sufferings the victim bears whole of expenses after medical treatment. With major injuries the expenses are expected to increase and with maximal injuries the treatment might become mandatory for lifelong  Such prolonged treatment squeezes the pocket completely and at the end the victim is left with almost nothing. Thus, a fair value of compensation might payout the present and the potential medical expenses. Whether it is doctor’s fee or cost of the medicines all can be included in the claim.
  • Non-Financial Damages: Neither there is particular theory to calculate the pains and sufferings nor a mere compensation can relief the victims from his sufferance. But then, penalizing the guilty would make him aware about the safety of the workers and would prevent him from any sort of negligence. Anyways you can determine the values for non-financial damage with the severity of the injury. With major injuries higher amount of compensation is fixed whereas, with minor injuries "construction accident"lesser amount of compensation is fixed.
  • Personal Damage: If you have lost any personal belonging in the work accident such as, mobile phones or money bag then you can include it whilst calculating the claim.

Now, when you know about the payouts, then waiting for what start claiming. If you are afraid to claim against your employer then you might appoint the innumerable work accident solicitor offer mutual settlement benefits to their clients. In such settlement the plaintiff is expected to represent the case in front of some legal official who will decide whether compensation would be paid to the plaintiffs. It is one of the out of the court settlements. But then, it is very important to know the procedure to file claim.

  • Gather all the evidences against the litigant along with the medical report that would decide the tenure of the claim and at the same time help to calculate the value of the compensation.
  • Appoint a suitable solicitor who can represent the case on the victim’s behalf and determine the value of compensation. They might also give you their professional guidance to secure a successful claim.
  • Provide the contact details of the eyewitnesses to the solicitor with which they can try their best to convince them on the claimant’s favor.
  • Stuff the detailed information about the construction accident in a file and give it to the solicitors so that they can have a systematic look over the case.

You might also contact those lawyers who offer no win no fee agreement to the clients. According to such a system the clients will not be charged anything until the lawyers win the case. Thus, such an agreement may lessen the financial burden as well.

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