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All that You Need to Know about Office Accident Compensation

People go to offices for the sake of earning money, but then it doesn’t mean that they will run a risk of their lives. So, even employer has a duty of care towards each of their employees. They must take every single measure that is practicable to prevent office accidents. If your employer has failed to provide a safe ambience and that has caused you harm, you may have a claim to make against him. Though, a compensatory reward cannot recover the pains, but then at least it can make the situation financially better. Office accident compensation can lessen the financial burden that is levied on the victim’s shoulders, thereby enabling him to continue his treatment properly.

The Different Types of Office Accident Claims

Office accidents can be of various forms.

  • Slips can occur on the office floor when it is wet
  • Trips can happen because of misplaced boxes, obstructions and inadequate barriers
  • Sudden machinery failure can result in serious injuries such as amputation
  • White finger vibration can also be caused because of handling high tech machines without proper protection
  • Not only injuries are endured, but also because of unhygienic atmosphere, several health diseases can be caused too.

Whether your case falls under the mentioned categories or not, if you think that your injury is the resultant of your employer’s negligence towards their employee’s safety, you may be entitled with a claim.

Common reasons of office accidents can involve lack of supervision, inappropriate training, inadequate protective gear so on and so forth. When an employer fails to stick to the rules and regulations of a workplace, he/she end up putting the worker’s safety at risk.

Types of Compensation

Most of the office accident cases are different from each other and so are the consequences. And catering to the damages suffered in a work accident the amount of compensation is awarded to the victim. Hence, for every individual’s case, the compensatory award varies. An independent medical expert is required to diagnose the injuries suffered by the victim and ascertain the seriousness of the injury. It will enable the work accident solicitor understand an approximate amount of your compensation claim.

While determining the value of claim, your appointed solicitor would consider the losses suffered as a result of the office accident. This includes both the financial and non-financial damages.

You can receive compensation out of:

  • Pains and sufferings endured as the result of the office accident
  • Travel expenses
  • Expenses incurred after medical treatment
  •  Expenses for future treatment, if any
  • Cost of medical equipment such as life supporting device, if required

As soon as the amount of the losses is calculated, it will the right time for your solicitor to negotiate with the defendant party. They can choose either accepting or denying the liability. As per as the negotiation, the compensation is paid immediately paid when the accusation is accepted. However, if the defendant denies his fault, your solicitor should get ready to bring in claim to the court.

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