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An Analytical Study on the Prime Factors in a Construction Work Accident

"work accident"The construction industry is one of the accident prone work sectors in the United Kingdom. Every year, thousands of accidents are recorded in the construction sites. While some lead to serious injuries and permanent disabilities of the victimized workers, the others leave the victims with minor injuries. Fatalities are also common in the construction sector. In most of the instances, it is the negligence of the employers and their failure to ensure health and safety at work that causes the construction accidents. Let us perform an analytical study of the factors that contribute to the construction accidents in the United Kingdom.

Here are the prime factors that can lead to a construction accident:

  • Lack of Safety Measures in the Working Areas: Lack of safety measures are the reasons behind most of the construction accidents in the UK. Slips, trips and falls commonly occur due to inadequate safety measures in the working premises. The employers are supposed to introduce safety programs to check the accident risks in a worksite. An employer failing to introduce safety programs can be sued if an accident takes place de to his carelessness.
  • Falling Hazards: Falling hazards mostly occur when a working in an elevated position move towards an open-sided floor and falls accidentally. Staircases without guardrails can also cause falling hazards in a construction site. The employer should take initiative to install guardrails in the staircases in the construction areas. In these types of incidents, the victimized workers often receive injuries in their heads and shoulders.


  • Improper Use of Stepladders: This one of the prime causes of construction accidents and disability in the United Kingdom. Tipping over step ladder is a common event in the construction areas. The workers need to be highly cautious while they are using a stepladder. The employer should also appoint a supervisor who would monitor the activities of the workers while they are working with stepladders.


  • Electrocution: Electrocution is not uncommon in the construction sites. It is in fact one of the common reasons behind the construction accidents at work. The electricity connections need to be checked on a regular basis to prevent any unfortunate event.


  • Inappropriate Use of Specialized Tools: These accidents occur mostly due to the lack of training needed for handling the specialized working tools. The employers should introduce training programs and ensure that all the workers working with specialized tools attend the training program to gather knowledge about how to use the devices safely.


No matter what is reason behind a construction, a victimized worker can take actions against the employer if the accident has not happened due to his own fault. He can seek legal support from a personal injury solicitor to enhance his chances of winning compensation. A worker should get the assistance of an experienced solicitor who would co-operate with him and drive him along the road to success. He should talk to the chosen solicitor in person to know about the claim making process.

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