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An Enlightening Discourse on Accident at Work Cases in the United Kingdom

Work related injuries in the commercial enterprises of the UK are one of the most concerning factors that have rocked the entire populace of the working class of people. Accident at work cases, though completely unintentional are taking heavy tolls on the lives and health of the individuals encountering them. Even though companies in most cases are empathetic to such occurrences, all accident at workthe compassion accrued by being the victim figure does not help the survivor in any tangible. You would rather wake up to a phone call saying that your hospital bills have been sponsored by your company rather than to find your cabin filled with flower bouquets and get-well cards.

Work Accident Stats in the UK

It is indeed surprising to take a look at what the accident at work authorities have accumulated through extensive study and observation. The prevailing scenario of the work culture and environment of the nation divulges a series of heavy fact. Considering the key figures that HSE (Health and Safety Statistics) has in record, the annual count of workers who suffer illness due to unhealthy work conditions is 1.2 million averagely.  The diseases range from mild to serious, newly incurred to long standing. Even though this figure is not strictly an annex to the work accidents, industrial diseases are also counted within the Tort law.

Talking about the more serious cases, a gross count of deceased workers is 180 every year. HSE stated that the fatal cases in the present scenario have become static to 0.6 percent in every 100,000 employees. The RIDDOR records 131,895 case of work accident injured victims every year. According to a recently made calculation on the number of people getting hurt in the workplace, the rate has reached to 502 people in every 100,000 employees. Other boards that are at the survey like the Labor Force Survey of the United Kingdom also confirmed the report with an approximate figure.

Accidents Common in Workplaces

HSE and other similar authority bodies have examined the kind of accident at work that are reported in work premises. Considering their commonality and rarity, the boards have sorted out a few of them by categories to make it easy for the victims to know whether they fall under the banal or the infrequent category of accidents. The data collected during the last few years were filtered and observed upon which the categorizations has been made. On the top stand the fatal injuries that are caused, as observed, in three environments, viz., road, factory ground and constructional site.

The accident at work reported in the catastrophic range are mostly vehicle accidents while working outdoor as food delivery boys and mail deliverers do, forklift attachments and machine accidents as encountered by machinists while handling machineries and falling accidents that constructional labors encounter when working on great heights. Shifting to the next rank, handling injuries that are less debilitating holds the next rank in terms of commonality. Slip, trip and fall cases in upscale office premises are the most frequent complain coming from the workers. It has been observed that one such complaint in every three days is likely to arrive within the office premises of the UK.

In hazardous work conditions, severe accidents are reported, but the frequency of such mishaps is not as rapid as those mentioned above. People working with fire, electricity and explosives stand the risk of getting burnt,accident at work electrocuted and severely wounded. In extreme cases, asphyxiation is a major one where one in every eight fatalities dies of it. Finally, the report submitted by RIDDOR states that both the company and the individual suffer unquantifiable losses due to the slip, trip and handling accidents. An average of two millions days at work is lost due to them.

Compliance with HSE Safety Procedures

The HFRG (Human Factors in Reliability Group) has certain regulatory acts that are issued in the interest of the labor’s safety. The forum is the determining body behind the reliability assessment of the man-machine units to ensure that the workers are within the safe zone. As per the rules, the safety and efficiency standards have to be met by the companies, and any violation will lead to legal intervention. By violation, the organization means any deliberate deflection from instructions, direction and procedure that the board drew up for the companies to follow and maintain in terms of operation. An accident at work that has occurred due to the breach of the board rules will be subjected to legal inspection, whether it is deliberate, unintentional or accidental.

Why Safety Standards are breached in Workplaces?

Safety breaches occur due to a number of reasons in offices and work premises. Even though they are seldom practiced or are willful acts, they expose the workforce to potential risks that can be both life-taking and life-changing. While most entrepreneurs who have a below-average safety standards focus too much on the productivity, internal operations, employee performance, company’s market position, stock values, etc., which leaves them with very little time or interest to secure the health and safety of the workers. Thus, they end up with ruinous results on the victims. However, the employees also attempt to perform satisfactorily for professional growth, which often means overstepping the constraints that come in the way. With exemplary cases like the Clapham junction calamity of 1988, it can be very easily concluded that such breaching and violations are a norm in commercial premises.

A major reason why such disasters take place is that precautions related to work permits are often not religiously followed in commercial enterprises. Workers in constructional sites who are stationed at great heights are legally entitled to be given a work-to-permit contract so that all preventive measures are well-adopted to prevent an approaching crane or fall from height accident from occurring. It is the job of the supervisor to elucidate the terms and conditions of the contract so that the workers know what they are getting themselves into. In most cases, people do not care to read the entire list of clauses and thus end up risking their lives voluntarily.

Solutions to Work Accidents

Violations of the safety standards are often a result of the managerial influence or engagement in other important areas of operation. It is upon them to rectify the issues through improvements brought about in training, design, supervision, etc. that directly deal with the health and safety of the employees. The contributory factors to an accident have to be well-studied so that the root from where the cases are streaming is properly attended and remedied. Hence, a poor assessment or perception of the safety hazards involved in a certain task is completely unbecoming.

While this kind of internal factors needs to be properly taken care of, external factors like pressure from the management to deliver, time deadline, target to achieve, etc. should be controlled. The action routes should be modified accordingly so that nothing goes out of hand. The management should look into the safety practices of the company to differentiate between the routine and situational violations. While the former is completely unacceptable and should be instantly changed, the latter should be examined well to check if the violation is ethical even when the situation demands so. However, no amount of reasoning can justify the fact of risking a life for some mere operational success.

Lack of enforcement, laxity in the practice of the legal directives, the employee-induced risks should all be taken into account before a step is taken, and alterations are made. However, in all cases, if you have been badly injured in an accident at work, these theoretical inputs do not make too much sense at the point when you are struggling with ruined finances and excruciating bodily pain. Hence, the best remedy, in that state can only be bestowed by a work accident solicitor through raising a claim to recompense the financial losses and endorsing your medical treatments.

Some victims prefer to suffer in silence than to call a whole courtroom into action. Remember that it is your legal right and the duty of your employer. accident at workSafety is your right even when you are working in as a miner in a coal mine, a day labor in a quarry, a rescuer in the cliff or a bay watcher in the beaches. Hence, regardless of all the bonds that you were signed into while getting appointed, it is your entrepreneur’s responsibility to ensure full safety of the workers.  A plea for the compensation amount should be made through viable mails. If they fail to respond or avoid intentionally, then only you can move to take a legal action. Out-of-court settlements are strictly asked to avoid ad disputes usually arise from such enterprises that are not remediable by the law.

Hence, take your case to the court and make the claim legally so t hat you can receive the compensation amount as the court thinks you deserve. However, make it a point to take the action systematically so that you know for sure what your next step will be.

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