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An In-Depth Study of the Workplace Accidents and the Concepts Surrounding Them

It is a proven fact today that an individual cannot consider him to be safe and secure anywhere. Life, being full of unexpected twists and turns, often makes us confront incidents that leave huge impacts on our entire existence. Accidents happen to be one of these incidents, which have the potential to alter the dynamics of one’s life as a whole. The unpredictable aspect of life paves the way of accidents to transpire in places where we are perhaps expecting them the least. Prominent examples come in the form of the accident at work. Workplace mishaps are growing more common with an increasing number of workers falling prey to the unfavourable work atmosphere. While accident at workthere are hardly any possible ways of reducing the chances of these accidents, it is only through claiming compensation that the victims can attempt at overcoming the situation.

Many people are still unaware of the undesirable accidents at work that can come about as a consequence of the negligence of the employers. As such, they do not consider the option of going against the authorities of an organization or asking for compensation from them. Much of this confusion is owing to the fact that people do not know about the kinds of situations and circumstances that make them eligible for claiming compensation. Here is a list of the variety of accidents that can occur in the different types of workplaces and the situations that demand filing an accident at work claim.

Industrial Accidents

Irrespective of whether it is the construction sites, the factories or perhaps the warehouses, workers are always under the risk of hurting themselves in a major way. A majority of these accidents takes place as a result of the lack of safety measures taken in the workplace. Additionally, staffs are most often required to carry and handle heavy machineries and equipments, which also cause them to be severely injured. A worker might trip or fall by colliding with the loads scattered over the floors, he can also get hurt by something that falls on him from the scaffolding. In all these cases, it is clearly the carelessness on part of the employers or the fellow employees, which further necessitate filing the accident at work claims. The diseases or disorders that the industrial accidents generally lead to are:

  • Asbestosis is an ailment caused by an inhalation of the asbestos fibres and particles. The disease appears as a formation of a mass in the lungs, resulting in a reduced lung capacity. In short, untreated asbestosis accompanies lung cancer over the period of time.
  • Vibration White Finger, a component of the Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome, affects those who handle vibratory machines such as chainsaws, power drills and so on. It is one of the most vital industrial disease demanding a claim for compensation.
  • Industrial Deafness leads to a loss of hearing, affecting an employee who is made to ensure loud and unpleasant noise, caused by certain machines at the workplaces.

The aforementioned diseases or injuries are predominantly brought about by not just the industrial accidents alone but also the unfortunate incidents at the factories and the construction sites.

Office Accidents

Contrary to the commonly held idea that accidents at work involves only the industrial or factory  based accidents, similar kinds of incidents can well take place in the corporate offices too. Although the employees are expected to undertake mostly desk jobs, chances of falling victim to some unfortunate incidents are always there. Following are few causes and examples of office accidents:

  • A bad sitting arrangement in office often creates long-term injury, which usually come in the form of the shoulder and back pain. When an employee is required to keep up with this improper arrangement and especially, undertake typing work, he is bound to develop certain muscle problems, for which the office authorities are to be blamed.
  • Several walkway obstacles like the scatters wires or packing boxes can cause an employee to trip over them. An equally troublesome situation accident at workmight arise due to wet office floors caused by an inappropriate mopping. A slip or trip might apparently seem to be insignificant but a person can end up breaking his bones or undergoing a head injury, which can even subject him to a lifelong suffering.
  • Unorganized electric wires or even faulty technical devices become the reason behind severe electric shocks.
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning can also take place resulting from fuel burning broken appliances.

All the above- mentioned instances appear as consequences of the carelessness of the employers or the colleagues of an individual. The existence of the faulty equipments or staffs who lack adequate knowledge and skills is also attributable to the negligence of the authorities. Hence, for all these accidents, filing the accident at work claim is of utmost importance.

Eliminating the Misconceptions

It is particularly in respect to the workplace accidents that people prefer to stay back from making compensation claims even when they are certain of the point that the accident involved no fault of their own. Many suffer from the fear that claiming compensation from the employers would make the latter sack the employees or throw them out of the job. The legal regulations must be remembered in this respect to get rid of the possible fears.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 lays down a set of rules and regulations, which indicates to the duty of all employers to guarantee a safe and secure work environment for all employees and staffs. Employers are asked to ensure that the health and well- being of the workers in an organization does not come under threat as a result of the work they are supposed to execute. Additionally, the act underlines the point that the employers must attempt at offering a proper training to the employees especially, with respect to handling machines or equipments. This would make sure that the colleagues of an individual do not end up proving harmful or negligent to each other.

Few Important Issues Explained

After having explained the types of accidents at work that demand claiming compensation along with an underlining of the laws relating to the filing of the claims, it is necessary to explain a few more essential points. Even though the guidance and support of a work accident solicitor is immensely crucial when it comes to filing the accident at work claims, victims must also stay a little aware of the legal procedure. To begin with, people have a tendency to believe that the work accident compensation that they are entitled to receive is paid by the employers and this is often the primary cause behind their hesitation in making claims. However, all employers actually have an insurance coverage, which calls for the fact that the compensation does not come directly from the pocket of the employers but by way of the insurance provider.

Secondly, the accident at work claims are necessary to be filed within 3 years of the date of the actual accident. An individual who suffers from an injury due to negligence at workplace should be of at least 18 years of age to find eligible for claiming compensation. Even if he has been a victim before attaining the age of 18, he will have to wait for a considerable period of time.

It might often so happen that the injuries resulting from a particular kind of accident begins to show their effect a long time after the actual accident has already taken place. In such cases, the time- period will extend and the three- years period will start from the time of the realization of the injuries.

Work Accident Claims Offer Justice

Accidents at work can be terrible in nature, creating a profound, negative accident at workeffect on the life of a person. The financial losses coupled with the mental anxieties is difficult to be managed by the victims. The accident at work claims, when successful, offers the individual with ways of coping with the crisis. The work accident compensation that he receives will allow him to receive a thorough medical treatment and get cured as far as possible. By filing the claims, an example can be set to others who are still suffering in silence due to their fear of going against the authorities.

Since the compensation claims for the accidents at work come across as being essential instruments of justice, maximum emphasis should be placed on making a proper use of the same. The claims should not be treated as sources of money and it ought to be understood that the amount of compensation that a person receives will depend upon a lot of factors, most importantly, the severity of the injuries as well as the estimated losses. Last but not the least, a claimant should be as much honest and accurate as possible because the success of the claims will be largely determined by their credibility and the strength with which the claimant is able to prove his absolute innocence in the matter.

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