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Attempt at Avoiding Accident at Work by Being Aware of Your Safety in the Workplace

Hundreds of reports of workplace accidents are lodged with the UK police almost regularly. Earlier, these accidents used to take place in the construction sites and material handling industry where the workers carry out their tasks under derogatory circumstances. On contrary to this, today, the unfortunate incidents are common in corporate offices as well. This points out to the fact that in spite of several laws and regulations being devised to curb the frequency of the accident at work, the ultimate effect had been quite negligible. Some of the workplaces continue to be the unsafe ones that they are for the employees and this is largely due to a lack of awareness about workplace safety coupled with an apprehension about filing claim, which is so often misinterpreted as going against the authorities of an enterprise or organization.

What You Should be Aware of?

Avoiding the workplace accidents becomes possible when both the employers and employees become cognizant about their duties and obligations to each other. If you have been fortunate enough not to have come across a work accident as yet, it is time that you get careful and find out if your workplace is truly a safe one or if the employers are offering you with adequate security. Following is a list of aspects you should be checking out to make sure that you and your colleagues are never made to face a life- altering incident. Being alert is of utmost importance in this respect irrespective of the field or sector in which you have been employed.

  • To begin with, make sure that your employer conducts risk- assessment procedure on a regular basis and adopt all the safety measures that they are anyways, required to consider by law.
  • If your job requires you to deal with anything that can be potentially hazardous to your health or perhaps eventually lead to some kind of health disorder, you should be getting protective clothes or equipments from the employers while working. For instance, if you are asked to handle sound generating machines, you must be supplied with protective ear coverings to save you from falling victim to industrial deafness.
  • If the field in which you work necessitates that you deal with machines or even accessories that need technical expertise, you should be imparted with proper training. The same goes for those working in the laboratories and handling hazardous chemical substances.
  • Your workplace, be it a factory or an enclosed corporate house, should be a clean and tidy one. Special care should be taken to ensure that the electric wiring is done perfectly and that the office floors are not left clumsy enough to pave the way for slips and trips.

As an employee, you are supposed to ask for your rights to be safe and secure in case your employer seems to be negligent and your workplace, unsafe. However, if awareness does not help you stay away from an accident at work, ensure that you consult with the no win no fee solicitors and fearlessly go ahead making a claim.

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