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Avoiding Accidents at Work: the Employer’s Guide to Legal Correctness

Being involved in an accident at the workplace is a highly unfortunate incident, and it should be kept in mind, at all times, that even if the accident had been a pretty minor one and the consequences of the same had not been too great, it is still your ethical and legal right to file a claim for compensation. You should always keep in mind that the right to file a accident at workclaim for work accident compensation is one of the principal clauses that make up the labor law of the United Kingdom. According to the labor law of the United Kingdom, it is one of the fundamental rights of a worker to be granted a safe environment in the workplace, one that does not pose the risks of any kind of health hazard as well as mental disturbance. If in any case the employer is unable to fulfill these basic responsibilities, it is absolutely the right of the worker to file a case against the negligent authorities.

There are various circumstances under which you can file an accident at work claim against the authorities.

  • For starters, it is one of the most primary concerns of the employers to ensure that their workers work in a risk-free environment, and failing to take care of even this basic duty can amount to criminal negligence. In certain cases, it can be seen that the job description itself involves certain risks to one’s general health, as can be seen in the cases of jobs in factories, laboratories, construction sites and the suchlike. Even if the situation is something like this, it is still the duty of the employer to ensure that risks are minimized as much as possible.
  • Moreover, the worker can also file for work accident compensation if the employers fail to provide the necessary medical facilities to the victim after the accident has occurred and the injury has been inflicted. It is the duty of the authorities to make sure that the arrangement of the most basic medical facilities like first aid is always ready at the place of work.
  • A worker can file a claim for if the authorities have been negligent enough to do away with the regular safety precautions that every office building should have. These include the installation of a fire escape, and emergency exit as well as fire extinguishers; these accessories help in bringing the situation under control in case there is a mishap.
  • Along with the safety measures, it is also necessary for the authorities to make sure that everything in the office is in perfect order. This includes maintenance of the electric lines, the flooring, the staircase and also the emergency equipment in order to ensure health and safety at work. In the case of a job that includes operation of heavy machinery or potentially dangerous objects such as gas ovens and burners, it is of the utmost importance that these are checked regularly and upgraded or repaired where necessary. The employers also need to make sure that the workers are regularly trained and updated on the fire drill and other safety measurements and precautions.

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