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Building Site Work Accident Claims

We Accept Nothing Less Than 100% Compensation

By their very nature, building sites are extremely hazardous places to work, yet the potential for accidents is considerably greater if there are a large number of people operating in a confined area. The seriousness of injuries sustained will invariably increase the amount of compensation you are entitled to, however, your claim will be thoroughly assessed before any negotiations are commenced with your employer’s insurer. Our work accident solicitors will look at all aspects of your injury claim, including any loss of amenity or reduced quality of life brought about by your injuries.

The representative examples below demonstrate how much compensation you could reasonably expect to receive for a building site injury claim:

  • Arm injury causing partial loss of use or substantial disability: up to £39,900* Building-Work-Accident
  • Fracture or partial loss of index finger: £8,000 – £12,200*
  • Moderate back injury causing muscle/ ligament damage: up to £18,250*
  • Severe back injury resulting in disk fracture/ lesions: £25,500 – £45,750*
  • Pleural conditions, such as Asbestosis: £51,500 – £69,500*
  • Moderate Tinnitus with partial loss of hearing: £9,750 – £19,500*
  • Minor eye injury with no loss of sight: £2,600 – £5,750*
  • Mild head injury (such as concussion): up to £8,400*
  • Moderate laceration, burns or soft tissue injury to one hand: up to £19,000*
  • Moderate knee injury with expected recovery in 2-5 years: £17,500 – £28,250*

If you have suffered multiple injuries, or sustained psychological trauma in addition to physical injury,  the compensation amount for your building site work accident claim could be significantly higher than the representative ranges shown. For a more accurate appraisal of your claim without obligation, contact our work injury solicitors via the online form to arrange your free claim assessment.

Can Anyone File A Building Site Injury Claim?

Were you involved in a work-related construction site accident during the course of the past three years? If you suffered some kind of physical injury and believe your employer to be at fault, we could help you find out whether you’re entitled to make a building site work accident claim. Take the first step by contacting our work injury solicitors about your case today.

Any employee in the building sector who suffers a non-fault injury or develops some form of industrial disease will usually be entitled to file a building site work accident claim for compensation. This is because your employer has a legal duty of care and responsibility to ensure all equipment is safe for use, and that the work environment is free of any obvious hazards that could cause injury. You might also be entitled to file a building site injury claim if you were a visiting surveyor or inspector to a construction site and were subsequently injured whilst carrying out your duties. Many construction sites workers are contracted to work on sites by larger companies. If you’re contracted by a company who owns/ leases the site and is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of workers on that site, they will generally be liable for any damages if you suffer injury due to negligence.

Causes of Building Site Accidents

Building and construction sites pose no end of hazards for those employed in the manual trade. Not only is there a risk of falling debris and building materials for those working at ground level, there’s also potential for injury if your job entails working at height on scaffolding or ladders. Faulty equipment, such as power tools, collapsed trenches and general detritus littering building sites cause the majority of building site accidents, however, there is also significant risk of electrocution whilst carrying out excavation, as well as heavy lifting injury if you manually transport heavy loads. With the many safety regulations in place, the number of accidents in the construction industry have significantly decreased in recent years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. As a whole, preventable construction site accidents still still account for over 9% of serious work injuries reported annually in the UK and approximately 5% of all fatalities associated with work accidents.

No Win No Fee –What it Means For You

Our work injury solicitors have elected to offer their services under the no win no fee agreement scheme introduced by the government which means that whether or not a case is successful, they are legally entitled to recover their own costs from the party at fault. If you choose to go ahead with your building site work accident claim, you can do so in the confidence that win or lose, there are no fees payable at any stage of the claims process. Furthermore, if your claim is successful, we guarantee you’ll receive 100% of your compensation with no deductions to any final amount.

If your employer has failed to maintain a safe working environment and you’ve suffered injury as a result, you may be eligible to file a building site injury claim. Contact us today for advice on getting started, either by calling our free-phone claims number or by completing the secure online form to arrange a call-back.