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Burns Injury At Work Claim

Keep 100% Compensation For Your Burns Injury Claim, And its No Win No Fee.

Work-related burn injuries are typically more severe than those you might suffer in a domestic environment, and often warrant long periods of rehabilitation if the skin is to heal correctly. This can potentially lead to serious financial complications for victims and their families if the victim

Burns injury from a work accident

Burn Injury

needs time off work for an extended period. If you’ve suffered a burns injury at work for which your employer or a colleague is responsible, you have a legitimate right to seek compensation in respect of the physical and financial losses incurred.

Examples of compensation for a burns injury at work claim:

  • Mild friction burns typically affecting hands or inner legs: £5,150 – £9,750*
  • Moderate hand injury causing minor nerve damage/ limited movement: up to “£19,000*
  • Smoke inhalation causing minor damage to airways/ lungs: up to £8,150*
  • Mild breathlessness caused by inhaling toxic fumes/ smoke: up to £26,250*
  • Loss of sight in one eye: £36,000 – £43,000*

Have you suffered a similar injury to those outlined above through no fault of your own? If so, you could be eligible to file a claim against your employer for negligence. Speak to one of our accredited work injury specialists by calling our free helpline today and we’ll carry out a free assessment of your case at no cost.


Were you unfortunate enough to have suffered a burn injury following an accident at work within the past three years? If you believe your accident was caused by the inaction or negligence of your employer, or for that matter a fellow worker, we could help you find out if you’re entitled to make a no win no fee burns injury at work claim. Our expert solicitors provide a full compensation and no win no fee service, meaning that win or lose, there are no fees associated with making a claim and you will receive 100% compensation if your claim is successful.

Primary Causes of Burn Injuries in the Workplace

Burns are a surprisingly common work injury and account for approximately 23% of all serious cases requiring the attention of medical professionals in the UK. Furthermore, an estimated 5% of all workplace deaths are attributed to third and fourth degree burns (those resulting serious damage to subcutaneous tissue, muscle and bone) commonly attributed to hazardous chemicals, flames and faulty electrical equipment. These types of injuries are generally referred to as “thermal” or “chemical” burns, and can usually be prevented by  identifiable warning signs and stickers highlighting dangerous substances. Protective clothing should also be a prerequisite if you are working with hot, hazardous or corrosive materials.


You might also be able to make a burns injury at work claim if you suffered:

  • Cold burn: caused by prolonged exposure to sub-zero conditions (such as an industrial freezers), or brief contact with corrosives such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen.
  • Friction burns:  attributed to prolonged contact with abrasive material such as a rope or carpet.
  • Electrical burn: usually associated with electric shock caused by faulty equipment.
  • Radiation burns: generally caused by exposure to harmful UV (Uiltra-Violet) light emitted by x-ray machines, tanning beds and the sun.
  • Chemical burn: caused by exposure to dangerously reactive acids, caustic or corrosive substances.

Our sympathetic accident at work solicitors understand that burn injuries can cause significant psychological trauma for work-injured clients, and offer a tailor-made service with full support throughout the litigation process. If you’re uncertain about making a claim, why not arrange a informal chat with one of our advisors? Simply complete the 30-second email form and we’ll arrange a call-back at a time best for you.


Are You Entitled To Make A Claim For A Burn Injury?

In order to make a burns injury at work claim, you must be able to satisfy several basic criteria. Firstly, your accident must have occurred within three years prior to the date of your claim, as there are strict time limits for work accident claims set out by UK law. Your appointed work injury solicitor will also require reasonable proof that you weren’t responsible for the accident. You may be required to prove your injuries were a direct result of the accident, which in most cases, can be confirmed by looking at your medical records, work accident reports or by an independent medical assessment. Our solicitors can usually assist you if you have problems obtaining these documents, or if your employer is unwilling to provide a copy of your accident report.


Types of Burns

Burn injuries are generally classified in order of severity; first degree burns being relatively minor  with possible redness and stinging, and fourth degree burns being so serious they pose significant threat of disability or death. Second degree burns affect the upper dermis (the second layer of skin comprising tiny blood vessels) and are usually accompanied by blisters, redness, swelling and persistent discomfort. Third degree burns affect the hypodermis (third layer) and usually call for skin grafts or multiple surgeries to repair/ replace damaged tissues. Statistically, you’re generally more likely to suffer first or second degree burns after a work-related accident, however you can file a burns injury at work claim for any kind of burn or scald, so long as you weren’t at fault for the accident.