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Canvassing the UK Work Accident Scenario

Work accidents are everyday affairs in the United Kingdom. The commercial sector and industrial arena of the United Kingdom witnesses work accidents on regular intervals and the frequency of these work-related mishaps gets vividly reflected in the annual reports published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), UK. The 2010-2011 report published by the Health and Safety Executive shows 171 workers encountering fatal work accidents, while 1.2 million working people suffered from industrial ailments like mesothelioma. Under the PIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations), 115 000 injuries were reported during the same year. The accident at workinjured workers lost 26.4 million working days due to their industrial diseases and injuries. The work-related diseases and accidents cost the government about £14 billion. If you have sustained an accident at work of late, you can venture out to file a work accident claim to recompense the financial losses and mental and physical pain you have undertaken.

The work accident statistics offered by the Heal and Safety Executive are, no doubt, alarming but the government is still engaged in reducing funding for the health and safety at worksites. Such reduction in funding affects the most deprived class of workers and questions the equality and social justice as perilous and hazardous jobs grow around us. It not only declines the health and standards at workplaces but at the same time attack the inter-related arenas of employment security, absence management and industrial disease payments. Due to the rise in fake compensation claims, the government has become overly strict about filing work accident compensation claims. The work accident victims who are planning to file compensation claims need to collect concrete evidences substantiating the physical and emotional agony endured by them. Proper medical reports need to be presented in the court during the legal proceedings. The medical prescriptions need to possess the details of the injury received in writing. In case of fractures and whiplash injuries, the victim needs to show X-ray reports demonstrating the type and intensity of the injury. The court can fall for the witnesses of a work accident, if any. The witness’s description of the incident might add to the chances of winning the claims.

The government introduced a strategy called ‘Revitalising Health and Safety’ in 2000 to pull down the number of worksite accidents. The strategy published by DETR described how the UK government along with the Health and Safety Commission will work to ensure health and safety at the workplaces.  The scheme aimed at reducing workplace fatalities, workplace injuries and bringing down the loss of working days due to injuries and industrial ailments.

The other policies introduced by the government to address the issues related to workplace injuries urged the employers to take necessary measures to provide the workers with and safe and secure work environment. Risk-assessment of the worksites is a must under these policies. The employers need to appoint specialist supervisors who would check if the workplaces are free of risk. The employees should be offered specialized training to handle equipments properly so as to minimize the chances of accidents caused by the mishandling of industrial devices.

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