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Claim Your Benefits after Facing an Accident at Work

accident at workFacing an accident at work is indeed a very traumatic experience for any employee. The idea of the workplace is automatically imprinted upon the mind of a worker as one of the safest areas he could be in, as far as his health is concerned. Naturally, being injured at work does involve quite a bit of shaking of faith, and the worker is bound to experience trauma that might severely impair his abilities to return immediately to a normal life. Cases of people suffering from major post traumatic stress disorder after having faced some kind of an injury at work is not at all rare. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the victim of such an accident files or compensation from the employer. On the other hand, it also needs to be kept in mind that in certain cases, it might be difficult to prove that the employer was guilty of negligence, especially in cases when the victim holds a job that itself entails quite an amount of risk.

Some kinds of jobs themselves entail quite a bit of risk of the workers getting injured, the job of a firefighter  for example is a high risk one. The same can be said for those working on construction sites, and this applies to both builders as well as engineers. In such cases, it is the duty of the employer to see that the chances of getting hurt are minimised as much as possible. This can be done by ensuring that complete safety measures are followed while in the site of work and that all the employees are trained as well as possible in maintaining their own as well as their fellow workers’ safety. Moreover, every worker is entitled to the worker’s injury benefit, which falls under the Occupational Injuries Benefit Scheme and refers to the weekly payment made to the victim until he is fit to resume work once more.

It is the basic duty of the employer to ensure that the health and safety at work of the employees is maintained and does not come in jeopardy or any reason. Failing to fulfil even this most basic requirement is a grave crime and is reflective of gross negligence. In fact, in many cases, an injury at work due to the ineptitude of the employer is taken to be a sign of such immense negligence that the offense is tantamount to injury by intent, that is, causing harm to a person with the purpose of doing so. Moreover, by bringing about harm to an employee by the dint of negligence, the employer does not only hamper the person’s ability to earn in the same way, he could also deprive an entire family of their solvency. Moreover, things become worse if the victim suffers from a loss of life, which means that the family is left without a source of income if there is no other earning member in the family. In such cases, the family is perfectly entitled to file for an accident at work compensation claim.

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