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Coca-Cola Pays Compensation Payout to Plant Worker Injured in Accident at work

Coca-cola, the soft drinks giant recently paid 6,000 GBP to a worker who got completely blinded for three days due to a workplace accident that took place at the Wakefield plant of the company. The injured employee, namely John Houghton (56), became temporarily blind when a pipe blasted near his eyes and caustic fluid got into his eyes. The employee took up the case to the workers’ union and his accident at work claim resulted in the four figure compensation payout. Houghton’s three days of blindness and four weeks of accident at work claimabsences from work was taken in consideration. Coca-cola Enterprises has claimed the incident as an isolated one and the officials have clearly stated that the plant’s security measures are well up the mark to avoid such accidents in the future.

In light of the above case,  it can be well interpreted that even the security system within the facilities of the big companies have loopholes and workplace accidents may  claim for compensation if they face accidents at work due to these safety loopholes. The accident at work compensation claim specialists can be solicited for filing these claims and one can even get seven-figure compensation payout for the injuries and other losses that might result from a workplace accident. However, a solid analysis of the causal factors is likely to be done by the court and one should gather all the pertaining documents before filing a lawsuit.

Reasons for workplace accidents are many. These include lack of training, poor infrastructure, filthy working atmosphere etc. As in the above example, the worker was exposed to precarious working equipment and was assumingly not warned about the dangers of working with this type of equipments. As a result, he met the accidents and the consequences. Coca-cola is mega corporation and despite all the safety measures installed within the plant, Mr. Houghton could not escape the accident. Think about thousands of small firms where minimum security measures are not even taken. The accident at work claim solicitors, however, put special emphasis on each and every case and no matter how big or small your company is, if you were injured because of someone else’s fault, you can easily claim for compensation.

The claims management companies play a pivotal role in the UK legal landscape. These companies function as intermediaries between the work accident compensation claim solicitors and the workplace accident victims. There are companies that manage the paperwork on behalf of their clients and offer free consultation to the accident victims. So you need not to file a claim without knowing whether your claim has enough merit or not. You can learn the technicalities, the pertinent rules and requisite documents by calling claims management agency.

For finding the best claims management agencies in your area, you can simply open a local business directory. Alternatively, you can visit Google or Yahoo or any other popular search engine to browse the best work accident claims management agencies. First consult your case with a claims manager, see whether the company appoints the best workplace accident solicitors and then proceed towards filing a claim.

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