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Common Instances of Accidents at Work for Which You Can Claim Compensation

Accident at work cases are pretty common occurrences in the UK industrial landscape. Workers across almost all the sectors are injured, financially ruined and even completely disabled throughout the rest of their lives as a result of these accidents. It is true that claiming compensation for workplace accidents is a fundamental right of the workers according to the English Tort Laws. But that the workplace accidents are subject to claiming compensation is unknown to many. What are the workplace accidents for which you can claim compensation? Here below is a list for your further reference.

If you have been assaulted at work

accident at work claimWe all are expected to behave ourselves at our workplaces. However, there are some unruly people who least care about organizational rules and regulations and the behavioral standards. If you have been assaulted by someone of your colleagues at your workplace recently, you can easily claim for compensation. Note that these deliberate acts of violence are not forgiven from the legal perspective. It is primarily your employer’s duty to protect you from all possible attacks and assaults that may harm you or worse, incapacitate you to attend your work for some days. If it found that the employer’s negligence caused a workplace skirmish and you were the unfortunate one who became a victim of it, you can claim for work accident compensation from your employer. On the other hand, if the scuffle was not a result of your employer’s fault, you can take resort to Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

If you have been injured at a construction site

Construction sites are considered accident prone zones as because these places lack the basic security. Electric wires remain exposed, heavy materials are lifted every now and then, the scaffold poles are erected for work purpose and things are scattered haphazardly. If you are a construction worker and recently have been injured in a construction accident, you can file a lawsuit against your employer or the contractor under whose supervision you were employed as a temporary or contractual worker in a construction site. What are the major types of construction site accidents? Fall from height, slip or trip and exposure to toxic elements (i.e. gas) and injury from dangerous machineries are some of the common instances. Your employer should secure your from these hazards in every possible manner. For example, he needs to run risk assessment after regular intervals. The employer should also let the workers know about the correct working method and process in written. Hazardous elements should be checked on a regular basis to ensure consistency. They should also equip with all the required machineries and tools so that you can execute your job in a safe and secured way. Goggles, ear guards, hard hats, safety gloves, safety boots dust masks, or glowing jackets should be provided to the workers as and when required. If your employer accident at workfailed to do so and you faced an accident at work, you can claim for compensation.

If you have been involved in a crane accident

Crane accidents frequent happenings in workplaces spread across various sectors. People who work as crane operators at civil constructions sites meet these accidents the most. What are the causal factors behind the crane accidents? Sometimes it is seen that the crane comes in contact with the overhead electric line and that endangers the operator inside. The faulty parts of the cranes also call for accidents. Onlookers and other workers also get injured in crane accidents in some instances. Abrupt collapsing of cranes endangers the people inside and outside as well. Signal errors also beget these accidents. You are at full liberty to claim for work accident compensation in case you deem that your employer was actually responsible for the accident you faced.  It is a general rule for the employers to check and repair the cranes on a regular basis. But not all the employers follow these instructions religiously.

If you have been injured in an accident in office

The work accident solicitor firms and claims management companies also offer legal solutions for office accidents. Offices are generally considered less accident prone zones compared to the construction sites, oil rigs, warehouses etc. However, the white collar workers also meet accidents at their workplaces and these cases are not very rare. What are the most common accidents that take place in offices? Slip or trip, just like in a warehouse or a construction site, is a common occurrence in office. Many people get hurt (and even lose their lives) by electric shocks. Office premises generally house a lot of electric equipments such as computers, printers and scanners let alone the fax machines, kettles and shredders. The people who work in offices are often endangered when they get in touch with the exposed ends of the wires, malfunctioning PCs etc. it is your employer’s duty to save you from these hazards and if you have been injured in an accident at work that resulted from faulty equipments or filthy working environments, you can claim for compensation. What are the common examples of filthy working atmosphere? Carbon monoxide positioning and exposure to asbestos call forth many accidents.

If you have been wounded in a fork lift accident

Most of the forklift truck accidents or FLT accidents take place in warehouses and factories. As per the recent HSE statistics, in every six weeks, one worker dies in the UK as a result of FLT accident.  There are many others who suffer from severe injuries. The factory accident claims management companies are called for representing the injured workers. Fork trucks are widely used in the warehouses, factories and other sort of facilities in the UK. Though these vehicles are considered industry-friendly, these are equally dangerous as well. Why? This is because these trucks are combinations of normal trucks and HGVs. Recent reports also show that most of the FLT accidents affect the other workers and the operators are injured in just one third of the accidents.  Your employer’s duty is to train you accordingly in case you will be deployed as the fork truck operator. He also has to ensure that the workplace premises are spacious for forklift movement. Necessary notifications should be put up for other workers whose jobs do not involve driving or operating fork trucks. In short, your employer should take every possible step to avoid workplace accidents.  The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 contain necessary set of guidelines for the employers on how to ensure safe working environment. If you think that your employer did not meet his responsibilities, you can claim for an accident at work compensation.

In case you have been involved in an oil rig accident

Oil rigs are probably the most hazardous workplaces. Oil rig workers meet accidents that are pretty common in other sectors as well such as slip or trip or fall from height accidents. Apart from that, they also meet some accidents that do not simply happen in other industries. Offshore oil rig workers are taken to their workplaces by helicopters. These air transport mediums are pretty hazardous and accident prone. Oil rigs are often rocked by hurricanes and other natural calamities and the workers are often endangered, injured and even killed. Fire break-outs are also common incidents. Oil rigs also collapse and submerge. If you have been injured such an accident at work, you can claim for compensation from your employers or the competent authority.  In case you put under pressure to work amidst extreme weather conditions and you faced an accident because of that, you are eligible for claiming compensation.

If you have been injured in a farm accident

16 percent of workplace accidents in the UK happen in farms although farm workers are just 1.7% of the entire working class. 49 people die every year in farm accidents. Claiming for work accident compensation is no different from claiming for compensation for other sorts of accidents. Most of the farm accidents involve farming vehicles and other tools such as tractors, thrashers, combined harvesters and quad bikes. Often the seasonal labors are not duly accident at worktrained to operate these vehicles and that cause most of the accidents. Many people get hurt by sharp objects and machineries that are commonly used in the UK agricultural sector. Fall from height cases, like in every other industry, is pretty common. People are also injured by falling objects. However, a great number of farm workers get diseased due to continuous and regular exposure to toxic chemicals that are used in farms. Proper set of personal protective equipments must be given to the farm workers which most of the land owners forget.

Claiming for compensation

If your case matches with any of the above, the best way to file an accident at work compensation claim is to find a claims management company that have empanelled experts who specialize in dealing with various work accident claims. You can find such agencies online. However, one rule of thumb is to choose an agency which is authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Try to claim through no win no fee solicitors so that you need not pay anything upfront.

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