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Construction Accidents

Construction sites pose numerous risks to everyday workers, making the likelihood of an accident all the more acute than within an office or retail environment. The operation of dangerous machinery, requirement for heavy lifting and proliferation of obstacles on site all pose significant health risks. Fortunately, the construction and industrial trades are among the most regulated in the UK, somewhat reducing the element of risk caused by undue care. Sadly, construction accidents still happen, and most are in fact caused by negligence.

The most common construction accidents include:

  •  Trench collapse
  •   Failure of lifting equipment
  •   Faulty scaffolding
  •   Ladder falls
  •   Fire, or chemical leaks
  •   Contained gas explosions (such as butane)
  •   Forklift truck (FLT) incidents
  •   Electrocution
  •   Compromised building safety – such as collapsed walls, loose floorboards and weak structure
  •   Accidents involving power tools or faulty machinery
  •   Insufficient training and/ or supervision
  •   Industrial Disease


Construction accidents carry the highest risk of fatality of any UK industry, and yet are also thought to be the most preventable due to the plethora of Health and Safety laws regulating standards in manual trades. If you, or someone you know, has been involved in a construction site accident and were injured as a result, our no win no fee work injury solicitors could help you seek full and final settlement – with no deductions. Submit your claim online here for a no obligation assessment today.

Employer Responsibility

Due to the many risks attributed to the construction trade, employers and managers are jointly and severably responsible for ensuring high standards of safety are maintained. Safety checks constitute one of the foremost responsibilities for any site manager, who must ensure that any power tools, machinery and vehicles are thoroughly tested prior to use. Regular reviews of the working environment are also a stipulation of health and safety, which includes checking previous construction work in order to validate safety prior to new work taking place. Should this “duty of care” be neglected, your employer runs the risk of multiple accidents occurring, and a potential claim for work accident injury compensation being made.


100% Compensation For Construction Site Accidents


The nature of a construction site environment means that construction accidents are likely to be far more severe than other trades. Most workers are required to be of peak physical condition and ability, in order to work in such an environment. If you suffer from a broken limb, head injury or laceration, recovery will inevitably take a long time. This can result in a significant loss of income during the period of recovery, along with mounting bills if you have to see a medical specialist.


Our expert personal injury lawyers are well versed in the nature and complexity of construction accident claims. They will evaluate your case as part of our no win no fee promise, and fight on your behalf should you wish to proceed with the claim. There are no complex interviews or forms to fill in, and we guarantee 100% of the compensation if successful.


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