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Construction Accidents Can Extract Compensation from the Employers When the Victims Have no Fault

work accidentConstruction sites in the United Kingdom are accident prone. Every year, thousands of accidents occur in the construction sites of the UK. In many cases, the negligence of workers contributes to the mishaps. But, in most of the instances, it is the negligence of the employers that is the prime reason behind construction accidents at work. In the cases where the victimized worker has no contribution in the occurrence of the accident and the employer is responsible for the mishap, the victim can file work accident claims.

The law in the United Kingdom prompts the employers to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure and the workers work without the risk of any unfortunate events. The construction sector probably poses more risks than any other work sectors in the United Kingdom. Thus, the employers in the construction industry should take proper initiatives to prevent accidents that can occur due to sheer negligence.

In order to file successful construction accident claims, you need to prove certain aspects. They are:

  • Fault of the Employer:  The victim needs to prove that he had no fault and role in causing the accident. It is the employer whose negligent act has led to the accident. In many instances, we find that the employer’s failure to conduct a risk assessment has made way for an accident at work. It is the responsibility of the employer to do a risk assessment of the work station so as to ensure that the workplace is free of risks.
  • Injury is Severe: The victim needs to show that the injury received in the construction accident is serious. He should keep the medical documents to prove that the injury is severe. In a construction accident claims case, the severity of the injury can determine the amount of compensation to be received by the victim. The more is the degree of severity, the higher is the amount of compensation.
  • The Injury Could Have Been Avoided If the Employer Was Responsible: The victim needs to show that the accident would not have happened if the employer was not negligent.

It is always important to seek the assistance of a legal professional so that you can file successful claims. A solicitor is highly qualified and experienced in the field of know and so, he knows how to file a case successfully. He usually follows a systematic approach and guides his client in the right path to claim and receive compensation.

There are a large number of law firms operating in the United Kingdom. However, not all the law firms have highly skilled and experienced solicitors as their employees. In order to find a good law firm, you can spend quality time to research on the internet so as to find a reputable firm. From among the list of solicitors of the chosen law firm, you need to choose a professional who specializes in the construction accident at work cases. He should have high success rates in construction accident cases.

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