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Construction Accidents Claim: Choose a Solicitor Who Can Be of Real Help

accident at work solicitorA workplace accident, whether it happens in an office or at a construction site, imparts pain and suffering to the victim’s otherwise undisturbed life from seemingly nowhere. However, construction accidents are more horrendous than any other type of workplace accident. If you were a victim of a construction site accident, chances are there that your physical and psychological damages are beyond reparation and that you have to suffer the direct and distant consequences for the rest of your life. A compensation claim solicitor, however, might sense a potential claim in your story and if he advises you to take the legal route, you should take into consideration the possibilities of filing a claim. If it seems a workable strategy, go for it.

It will not knock back you a penny

Contrary to popular beliefs, filing an accident at work claim will not cost you a single penny. You can, in fact, get a reimbursement for the medical treatment costs and other interim costs. There are no win no fee lawyers who can help you file a court case without paying anything as such upfront and you can enjoy the no-upfront-cost litigation services throughout the entire extent of the court case and until the verdict is given. Once you receive the compensation amount as determined by the court (usually it takes three to six months from the date of verdict), you can pay the solicitor his fees and success incentive (as applicable). However, there are certain other terms that you need to get briefed about from a work accident solicitor. Feel free to ask questions for clearing your doubts.

Winning a case is possible

Provided you have all the required documents for filing construction accidents compensation claims, you can also get an easy win over your opponent (your employer or contractor. Your solicitor will definitely explain you the documentation requirements and you should act accordingly. If he instructs you fill up forms downloaded from the web, you should do the same and without much delay. This is because the time period for filing a work accident compensation claim case is within three years from the accident date and you should take prompt actions for ensuring that your claim stays unexpired in the court. Your solicitor, in case you have chosen a licensed and experienced one, will definitely help you do that.

Choosing a solicitor

Here comes the biggest dilemma of construction accidents victims. Whom should you choose as your legal voice, representative and guide? There are so many law firms offering similar kind of services that you may get befuddled eventually. Choose a solicitor who has relevant experience of 5 years or more, can demonstrate his working acquaintance with this specific type of cases and is ready to  enter a Conditional Fee Agreement (or no win no fee agreement) with you. An experienced solicitor can raise your morale by working proactively, keeping you abreast about the case progress and extending his support towards you at every phase of the court case.

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