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Construction Industry of the UK Highly Affected by Work Accidents

"work accident"Construction industry is one of the high risk industries in the United Kingdom. Though only 5 % of the total UK workforce works in the construction sector, 22 % of the fatal work accidents take place in this industry. The latest reports published by the Health and Safety Executive shows that 49 workers died last year due to construction accident in the UK. Each year thousands of workers undergo construction accidents and suffer with no fault on their part. If you have sustained a construction accident and you can no contribution in causing the incident, you have the right to file work accident claims.

4 Chief Reasons behind the UK Construction Accidents

Following the four prime causes of construction accidents in the United Kingdom:

  1. Slips, Trips and Falls: These are one of the major reasons behind the accidents that take place in the construction sector of the United Kingdom. Slips, trips and falls can cause serious injuries that if not treated on time can cause permanent disability.
  2.  Falls from Height: This is one of the prominent reasons behind the fatalities in the construction sites. Some of the reasons behind such accidents include lack of scaffolding, inadequate scaffolding, Lack of edge protection for the roofers, improper use of the ladders and unguarded openings in the buildings.
  3. Electrocutions: The electrocutions in the construction sites mostly occur due faulty wiring. You can get in touch with a lawyer and get legal assistance to file accident at work claims.
  4. Crush injuries: Crush injuries mostly take place in unsafe excavations. These accidents might turn out to be fatal. The victims of the crush injuries should be immediately taken to the doctor for treatment.

Get the Assistance of an Experienced Solicitor

If you need legal suggestions after an accident at work, you can get in touch with an experienced solicitor who is expert in handling work accident cases. The solicitor would assess your case, go through your medical reports and provide you with effective suggestions that can help you drive the case to a successful end. The solicitor would represent you in the court, answer all the questions directed to you and will try to establish the case on solid grounds. The solicitors in the United Kingdom are highly education and they have in-depth knowledge in the field of law. They know which approach would be suitable for a particular case.

You can Approach a No Win No Fee Solicitor

There are a large number of no win no fee solicitors in the United Kingdom. They deliver their services on contractual basis. They enter in a Conditional Fee Agreement according to which the pay the lawyer will be paid only if he wins the case for him.  In the instance of a loss, the solicitor will not be paid. After winning, the solicitor would extract his payment from the losing party. You need to do a thorough research before choosing a law professional. You should get the help of the law professional who would be dealing with the case with great expertise and professionalism.

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