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Construction Workers Win £70,000 after an Accident at Work

Francis Ancliffe, a 28 year old roofer from Glendale Drive in Wibsey, has won £70,000 compensation after a horrendous accident at work. The victim filed a work accident compensation claim after he fell from the tall building of a mill where he was roofing without scaffolding and shattered his legs. The owner of the property agreed to pay the compensation to recompense the loss suffered by Ancliffe. The victim’s wife, after the settlement, stated that the money won’t compensate the physical loss, but the hefty compensation will definitely help the sufferer to bear the medical expenses for his rehabilitation.

Mr. Ancliffe started the legal proceedings against the entrepreneur of the mill immediately after the mishap. In the beginning, he was Accident at worktold that his case had little possibilities of success, but the victim was patient enough to continue the legal proceedings to finally won £70,000 after an out-of-the-court settlement.

The accident took away Ancliffe’s ability to work for a certain period of time during which the victim along with his wife and 6 year old daughter had to depend on their relatives for living. The injury confined Francis Ancliffe to a wheelchair for two long months. Even after 4 years of the incident, the victim continues to depend on strong analgesics and he is compelled to abandon his favorite hobbies of football and rugby. The doctor claimed that Ancliffe is at greater risk of contracting arthritis with age and is likely to go through surgical procedures. The happy wife of the sufferer claimed that the settlement will help them to pay back their debts made after the accident.

The 28 year old victim has managed to get a job in a factory for an utterly low salary. His dreams of returning to construction-based jobs and establishing his own roofing company have been shattered.

Ancliffe had to approach two no win no fee solicitors to fight against the mill owners. The first solicitor, after representing him for 3 long years, suggested him to drop the case. However, Ancliffe, strongly determined to win the compensation, approach a second lawyer who came up with a different opinion and successfully helped him to win his claims. Martin Cronshaw, the solicitor who represented work accident victim, said that he worked hard to win the damages for him.

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