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Crane Work Accident Compensation Claim

A father from West Denton may get compensation.

A father will receive workplace accident claim due to the hand injury he sustained during work.

Thirty years old labourer John Bell sustained severe injuries while working which kept him away from work for couple of years. The work injuries resulted when his hand was crushed by a metal beam.

The ghastly incident occurred at the DK Steel Erection, where he works along with his partner Leanne Brown. He was fitting a steel beam weighing a tonne between two columns. John was supposed to tighten the beam by using a spanner after the beam was lowered by the overhead crane.

But somehow, the beam got ejected in the air, injuring his hand. His wrist, palm and middle finger were wounded severely. The ligaments and tendons in the hands were torn due to it.

Describing the incident, he said that he saw a hole in his hand and felt excruciating pain.

He joined work fourteen weeks later after being under the treatment of a physiotherapist. But unfortunately, he found it difficult to work due to the severe pain. Finally, he was forced to discontinue his job.

He said that his inability to work and support his family has really been frustrating. It has also affected the lives of his two children Thomas and Kaitlyn who are four and eleven years old respectively.

He underwent surgery to fix a steel plate in his hand. But even after that he has been suffering from severe pain.

He will have to go for another surgery to fuse the bones in the thumb which will hopefully reduce the pain.

But now that his former employer is prepared to pay out the work accident compensation, he is hopeful that his life will change. He believes that the accident at work compensation amount will usher in a better time for him and his children. Accidents at work happen a lot on construction sites, If you have ha any type of work accident find out if you can claim today.

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