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Driver Claims Compensation for Accident Triggered By Overwork

The corporate tradition of work-hour stretching seems to have passed on to organizations belonging to all sectors. Throughout the entrepreneurial world, this is a growing concern among employees. Employers tend to make their recruits work optimally to jerk up their profit figure through forcefully increased productivity of their employees. The ill of this trend came into the notice of the common mass through an accident at work encountered by a train driver who was held responsible for an accident in the rail route. Reportedly, the accident was caused due to overwork that he was assigned by the railway company.

When the driver was questioned, he reported that he was unfamiliar with the route that he was driving in. Apparently, it all seemed that the problem arose from the mismanagement of the scheduling of the workers. The driver who was made to work overnight had to stretch till later that day. The statement was backed up by the driver fraternity who attributed to the complete unfamiliarity of the rail routes they are often asked to work in. The mishap caused an overall unrest in the locomotive drivers around the nation. However, compensation was claimed by the driver from the employer.

The driver was minimally injured in the accident. Considering the stretched schedule of work, injuries sustained and unfamiliarity of the route, the company had little but to liquidate compensation. Numerous such office accidents occur around the world every day. While some of them gain attention of the people, others go submerged under the heap of occurrences taking place globally. It is one of these incidents that come out as news and act as eye-openers for the rest. The disbursement was the right of the driver as he was victimized by the work-pressure. In other occasions, he could have avoided the accident, had he been driving within his regular schedule in his familiar route.

However, an accident at work like this is likely o occur as long as the employer section does not take a humanitarian perspective of the working class. Overworking at times is a necessity, but should not be a regular practice. Such compensatory punishments are expected to make the rest of the entrepreneurs aware of the wrong-doing and avoid doing them at the least.

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