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Employers’ Initiatives to Combat Accident at Work In The UK

In spite of the UK government imposing stringent laws emphasizing the maintenance of health and safety standards at workplaces, work accidents are common instances in the industrial sectors of the country. The work accident statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive demonstrates the commonness of workplace mishaps in the UK. Looking at the rising number of accidents at work, the government is showing an inclination to introduce newer rules to provide its human resources with a safe and secure work environment. Not only the UK government, the employers in the United accident at workKingdom are also trying to undertake various health and safety measures to pull down the accident rates.

The government is emphasizing on risk assessment procedures as a solution to reducing work accidents and work-related illnesses. The business owners running their enterprises in the UK are being urged to appoint expert supervisors who would conduct risk assessment programs to make sure that the work environment is free of accidental risks. According to the government, the employers dealing with chemicals and asbestos need to provide their employees with protective apparels while at work. Those dealing with risky machines need to wear head gears while operating the machines.

In numerous cases, undertaking simple measures can control the work accident risks efficiently. Let us discuss about some of the measures that can be adopted to eliminate the possibilities of the most common work accidents. The employers should take initiatives to clean up the spillages to prevent the workers from slipping. The cupboard drawers should be closed properly to make sure that the employees do not trip and receive injuries. The law does not demand to remove all the risks, but it commands the employers to take necessary steps to safeguard their employees as far as possible.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 serves to be the groundwork of the present health and safety legislation in the United Kingdom. Regulation 3 prompts the business owners to take suitable steps to conduct a risk assessment of the workplaces. The employees too need to be aware enough and take precautions to avert away from the possible accidents affecting the workplaces.

If a work place mishap occurs even after all precautions and measures, the victimized employee can go to the extent of filing an accident at work compensation claim. In order to fortify his claims, the victim needs to gather concrete documents substantiating the unfortunate occurrence. He can seek the assistance of a legal expert to know about how to proceed with his claims. He can approach a reputed solicitor to handle his case.

Most of the legal experts in the United Kingdom lend their assistance on no win no fee basis. Under the no win no fee contract, the solicitor cannot charge an upfront payment and can receive his fees only if he wins the case. In case he wins, he will get his service fees from the guilty party or the insurance company representing the guilty party. Thus, the no win no fee solicitors access a case, try to estimate if the case has the potential of extracting deserved amount of work accident claim before taking up the case.

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