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work accidentThe UK law provides special importance to protect and guarantee overall healthcare welfare of factory workers. Today, the country is recognized as one of the leading superpowers all over the world and industrial expansion is one of the most important factors that made this possible. Government of the nation understands the importance of preserving health and overall welfare of workers. Accordingly, they have provided HSE with the responsibility to frame the guidelines that could simplify the process and upgrade the existing structure regularly, only to make sure that flaws within the system are corrected to the best possible extent and cannot be exploited by the factory owners. However, despite the initiatives taken, every year the courts of law in the UK are reported to have experienced significant numbers of factory accident claims. According to the latest statistics provided by HSE, on an average 31 people are experiencing fatal injury, which is higher than the earlier rate and manufacturing industry in this context is affected to the highest extent. Clearly, the quality standards are not followed in the same manner as prescribed by HSE.

Several sources have reported that restructuring and tightening the safety laws cannot produce results effectively as employers and factory owners and still negligent about health and welfare of their workers. Some of the most frequent types of negligence from factory owners that lead to unfortunate accidents include:

  • Lack of importance to training facilities for employees
  • Reluctance or negligence to deliver workers with standard work wears
  • Casual attitude towards conducting supervision of a regular basis, in such settings where presence of more than one person, especially trainees is required
  • Insincerity towards regular safety checking
  • Repairing, upgrading or changing machinery on a regular interval
  • Reluctance towards maintaining factory premises, especially those objects that have been left by employees and potent enough to cause injury

Once an employer or a factory owner recruits a person, as long as he works within premises of the employer’s workplace, ensuring proper safety to the health of the person comes as an integral part of his responsibilities. If it is found that one or a group of workers sustained injuries of certain magnitude and negligence of the factory owner is a prime reason behind the accident, the injured people will be eligible to claim compensation from the employer.

The magnitude of factory accidents may vary from minor problems to life changing complications and depending on seriousness of the problem the amount to be rewarded for factory accident claims also varies. The court of law takes into consideration various aspects, starting with settings of the accident, contribution of the worker to negligence of the employer. If the court finds that nature of the accident is quite serious and it could have been avoided easily, had the employer been sincere about meeting the HSE standards, it may award the victim with 100% of the estimated compensation amount. If you seriously looking forward to claim your right after experiencing the trauma in a factory accident, then call for assistance from a leading UK law firm with sufficient expertise in handling workplace accident related cases and widen the path of your journey towards justice.

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