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Factory Accident Cases that can be Claimed for

factory accident compensation claimsFactory accident compensation claims can be filed if your employer has neglected your health and safety. Every employer has a duty of care towards their employees. If he has failed to keep up to his responsibility and that has caused harm to the employee, then, he is liable for the whole incident. If you are recently employed in a factory, you might be aware about the dangers involved in the work. Therefore, a bit of carelessness and negligence can cause severe consequences. Your employer should take necessary measures to lessen the employee’s life risk. But, if he has been negligent about this and that has led to work accident, the victim may have a claim to make.

However, it may not be possible for you to know about all the legal obligations involved in a claim procedure. Thus, innumerable solicitors have come up over the years to help the work accident victims receive justice, thereby pursuing the claim on their behalf. The solicitors can help you make claim for the below mentioned domains:

Handling Machines: Whether you are handling light or heavy machine, accident risk is always prevail. In order to deal with the machines with safety, it is very important to have proper training. Moreover, work accidents may also happen because of improperly maintained machines. Result of such accidents can be devastating as an employee can suffer from amputation as well. When it comes to factory accident, machine default is one of the major factors.

Lifting Heavy Materials: Employees often require handling the finished goods manually. So, to avoid any accident arising out of it, employer should employ machines as far as possible. Though, lifting products cannot be avoided, yet it can be restricted. Carrying heavy materials from one to the other can cause serious back, neck and shoulder injuries. Such injuries can sustain for lifelong.

Forklift Accidents: Those who operate a forklift truck must be especially trained to avoid any forms of accidents at work. These trucks should be inspected regularly and maintained well. Broken bones and other fatal injuries are the result of forklift truck accidents.

Slip and trip: Spillage of liquid or food on the work floor is a very common phenomenon in a work environment. Thus, it is the employer’s duty to see that the floors are properly cleaned every day. Or else slip and trip would become a common accident at work in the manufacturing environment. Sudden slip, trip and fall can give severe back injury and at the same time injure the brain too.

Industrial Disease: Chemicals, dust, dangerous substances and fumes are a few that may give rise to fatal diseases. Vibration syndrome, asthma, asbestos, hand arm vibration syndrome, latex allergies, occupational disease and asbestos related illness are some types of health problems that may arise due to exposure to the chemicals.

If you believe you have a claim to make, at first discuss your case with the personal injury claim expert. The legal professionals can advice you on the claim procedure and help you in winning the amount fast.

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