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Factory Accident Claims

Factory accidents are a leading cause of disease and disfigurement in the industrial sector, with machinery and chemical exposure influencing the majority of factory accident claims. The risk of accident increases considerably for those whom operate machinery, or work in areas where safety guidelines are only stringently adhered to. Employers are responsible for ensuring these ‘heavy industry’ areas are run smoothly, in line with regulations set about the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Machinery must be tested on a regular basis, and staff adequately trained in the use/ handling of machinery and dangerous substances. Depending on the type of work you undertake, a certain degree of heavy lifting may also be called for, for which you will also need adequate training.

Despite the restructuring and tightening of safety laws, a significant number of factory accident claims still arise because of negligence – examples of which may include:

  •   Inadequate training
  •   Failure to supply protective work-wear
  •   Lack of supervision – especially for jobs requiring more than one person, or trainees.
  •   Incomplete safety checks
  •   Obstructions in the workplace left by other employees
  •   Faulty machinery
  •   Factory slip or trip claims, slippy floors


From inadequate training and lack of protective-wear, to failures concerning machinery maintenance, our expert no win no fee solicitors have helped dozens of people pursue factory accident claims throughout the UK. If you believe negligence contributed to your work injury, we can fight your case for 100% compensation. Complete our online form today for an in-principle review of your case.

Factory Accident Claims For Industrial Injury

As a factory worker, it is almost inevitable that at some stage in your career you will suffer some form of accident. While a good many people escape serious injury with just minor cuts and grazes, a significant number experience life-altering injuries that often impair their capability completely. Factories are considered “increased risk” working areas under personal injury law, due in no small part to the proliferation of machinery housed in such environments. Surprisingly, machinery accounts for only a small number of factory accident claims.

Work injury claims are more commonly filed for trips and falls in the workplace, as well as straining injuries caused by lifting heavy equipment and stock. If you have sustained injury as a result of poor guidance on lifting procedure, this could also be grounds upon which to claim compensation. Our no win no fee service also extends to industrial disease, burns and scalding injuries that may have been caused by leaks or exposure to hazardous substances.

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